Friday, 17 July 2015

Gaming Reunion

So this weekend is a bit of a overdue catch up with sometime Darker Days guest host, James. So since he has been visiting for a few days we've got some gaming planned.

First up James gifted me with a wicked Kingdom Death figure (given we are both now very close to getting our Kickstarter pledges). The figure is the Storm Knight, and should be pretty awesome to paint.

Next up we got in a game of Hybrid, playing one of the missions from the original box. A clear win for me, but fun none the less as new figures were tried out for the mission.

Finally tomorrow morning we have planned a game of Guild Ball, using the teams I finished painting.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Guild Ball - Pitch Control

So I have a few templates to show off that I plan to use for Guild Ball.

First up are the Guild Ball specific tokens by . I picked up the complete set, which consists of the two scatter templates, the initiative token, influence tokens, and condition tokens. The colour choice being a sort of smokey brown. I also grabbed a second set of influence tokens in smokey grey. That way I have tokens for both of my teams.

Now the other tokens I have are what I used for Warmachine and Hordes. The red tokens are from , and I have a 1 inch movement widget, a 3 inch aoe widget (useful for aoes that hit target models and you need to work out who else is hit), and 2 50 mm wreck tokens which will work as goal tokens for the time being until I make some guild specific goal tokens. The 3 inch generic aoe template rings are by , which will be useful for most aoes. Mix in a few Warmachine and Hordes tokens for anything really specific (I can see blanck tokens with space to write stat modifiers on being useful).

Well there you go. This week I will finally start painting.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Guild Ball Begins

So I picked up some new toys.....

Already put them together. So expect perhaps in a week or so the first WIP shots.