Thursday, 18 February 2016

[battle report] Guildball Intro Game - Morticians v Alchemists

So my mate Alex (who I met through the Midnight Express boards ) was keen to try out Guildball. Who am I to say no.

What you see here is the basic intro game of a 3v3 match. Also using my graveyard terrain - because graveball is a thing!

It was a great little teaching game, showcased all the rules, and it could easily have gone either way. Alex and the Alchemists were throwing out lots of status effects, that were really grinding down the health levels. But I was able to pull of a KO on Mercury, netting 2VP and some board control, leading to Obulus pulling a crafty Puppet Master goal, by getting the opponent to pass to him, and opening up a shot on goal (what a bastard!).

[painting corner] Necromunda

So I am planning on playing some Necromunda and the best proxies out there are the Chaos Cultists from Dark Vengeance.

These gangs each took 2 evenings to paint.

Next up will be an Escher gang using the Raging Heroes Jailbird figures.