Friday, 12 August 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - The People of the Stars - Lantern Years 10-11 - A World of Shit

Aapep Iron, bearer of the celestial spear, set out with Aapef, Alicha, and Abrasax, to hunt down the Phoenix. Their journey took them to a place where spring water erupted from the ground, appearing as if the the very faces wept. Abrasax drank deep and cried in anguish as he realised something profound.

Onward they went, coming to pools of bubbling saliva. Aapep and Abrasax were driven to sickness. Their stomachs empty, they were still not prepared for the next vista - fields of acanthus growing on a thick layer of droppings.

Ever more did they journey, hearing an unseen person whisper their voice, and the booming laughter of the creature known as Gorm. But then for the hunters time changed, it flowed wrong, memories faded, and new opportunities and fortunes became real.

The battle with the Phoenix saw the survivors swept about as it blasted them with gusts of wind, pecked them, clawed them, and tried to delete them from history. But it was the skills of Aapep, and their gifts of the Dragon, that allowed them to rend the beast apart, even dodging holes in time to deliver the killing blow.

The return to the settlement was shrouded by clinging mists, and for a split second, the hunters considered leaving their tribe finding a new home, a new hope. But they chose instead to set out to hunt again.

The sound of stampeding antelope drew their attention, and after following the herd a familiar figure emerged from the shadows. The man with the split face. The Death Gambler. The survivors survived the encounter, and thought better of dealing with him.

After smashing their way through a carpet of ticks, they attacked the antelope, facing down the gibbering beast. But compared to the Phoenix is was a far easier battle, even though they were exhausted.

With the antelope dead, Aapep wrenched the spear from the carcass of beast and she looked the sky, looking up at a shrouded face and the stars themselves. She was blessed by the constellation of the Storm. She hacked and vomit up a piece of iron, formed from her very own blood, a sign that she was now to be the mother of slayers.

The return from the hunt was also fraught with danger, as the very earth opened up, and Alicha fell to their death.

Aapef led the warriors out once more, this time to find the Dung Beetle that Akhelkhu had seen years before. With Aida Wedo and Aido Hwedo, the troupe faced waling fire, the shocking revelation that one of their tribe had been stolen by knight and used as a training dummy, and a man covered in bugs. They followed a trail to discover the insectoid knight, and ambushed it. The battle was hard, with many of the hunters being caught and stuffed in the resin ball, but Aido Hwedo summoned the strength of the dragon, and with his Acid Palm technique, was able to crack the shell of the creature with his bare hands.

With the creature dead, Aapef sought to explore the strange tunnels beneath the battlefield, only to die as she was tested by a variety of trials.

Upon returning to the settlement, Abrasax was murdered by Aida, driving the settlement mad, but they all became sterner warriors. The tribe was now more than able to face many of the larger creatures.

As far as lantern years go this last lot were incredible. I have a survivor now on strength 6, another on 5, and one with a constellation - critical for the end game - and another on the way towards that. Survivors are being born with lots of stats increases, and a whole load of abilities and fighting arts that makes the entire tribe a bunch of excellent little murderers.