Friday, 22 April 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - Lantern Year 14 + 15 - The Hand of Time

A bit of a heads up I totally forgot to write these up at the time, but there are some significant events for the tribe of Agelasta.

The tribe was ready for the return of the Hand, and it was time for the children of Aiakos to prove their worth. Agarve led Emelus - the Red Saviour - and his siblings, Athamas and Alclemen,  out to face the imposing swordsman.

Needless to say the battle was brutal with the hand, and all but Agarve and Emelus survived the fight, with the Hand teaching Emelus the art of the Swordsman's Promise.

Following the clash of swords with the Hand, the survivors returned to camp, and as the survivors were celebrated, things turned darker. Agarve, filled with zeal and righteousness after surviving the Hand, had been driven mad. She thought herself immortal, and seeing herself as the true leader of the tribe. As so to cement her position she murdered Aiakos.

Lamenting the loss of his father Emelus remained at the camp, and Agarve led Arachne - the last of the tribe founders - Aedon, and Alcestis' son Aedon, on a hunt for a Phoenix.

The journey was long and strange. Aeson was struck by lightning as they ventured over the stone face landscape. It was on the second day they realised they were getting closer, as from above a rain of filth fell from the skies, burning Aeson, and Aedon gathering the droppings of the beast. On the plains they came to a carved face from which they are able to take food, and also where Arachne found a founding stone. It was as they walked on, seeking the Phoenix, that a strong wind blew, and time began to flow strangely. and they watched as Aedon faded away, along with all memory of him.

Fighting the Phoenix required all their might, with Agarve fighting as if possessed, shrugging of wounds that would have killed any lesser mortal. But the Phoenix was eventually killed, but it cost Arachne her life. On returning to the camp Aeson was given the title of Brainless Sneak of the Antelope, and Agarve was now called the Shining Fool of Darkness. Appropriate titles for how many of the camp felt towards the murderer in their midst.

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