Thursday, 28 October 2010

Assassin's Creed: the Roleplay Game

Concept: Either Templar or Assassin's order agents, using the Anima technology to delve into genetic memories to find the truth of historical events in order to act within the future on that information.


  • Historians write history books, not the truth.
  • In what way is the Animus a shared virtual experience? Do Animus interactions influence the past. Do all users experience the same history or just their own consensual version?
  • Fear the future. 2012 is coming and the Creators knew this was coming. What do the Templars want? Control? Power? To use religion over truth?


  • Race against time - the End of Days.
  • History is a lie
  • Shadow War

How it would work?

The game has two layers. The first is the real world. Here the agents of each group are working against each other to find and use devices and places of power left from before the fall. This is all against the backdrop of the coming end times of 2012. In order to find and use these places and devices the agents must fight against each other.

Initially it is assumed that the Animus is just a simulation of events in order to allow users to 'synchronise' with the genetic memories so that they can learn the truth and the skills of their ancestor. Users using the Animus together can share the same simulation. However, in ACII it is shown that a user can hack the Animus and leave behind information. Now in ACII Desmond is able to access these hacked memories in both the initial Animus in Abstergo, and the Animus 2.0 used by Desmond later, he is able to gain access to the same memories. This then presents the issue of how memories are hacked. Can users in unlinked machines influence the memories of each other? Is it possible to meet each other in the virtual realm of the Animus? Does this mean that DNA is a big quantum computer for access?

This means agents can fight each other both in memories and the real world.

Add to the mix that the Ancients, the Creators, have a level of prescience, and are able to communicate with Desmond through the memories of Ezio.

Some inspiration and explanations here

So this mixes and element of history, Matrix style VR, conspiracy, spying and aliens and tech.


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