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Vampire: the Requiem - The Endless Waltz - Dimitri

So here I'll let Sam explain her character for Vampire.
OK, this is the DEFINITIVE, Wiki-style guide to my Vampire character, Dimitri. He's a Daeva Carthian. I wanted to post this prior to any future games we do, because a) the character has had some adjustments made to his backstory, and b) you guys just have to know how COOL he is. It has pictures (courtesy of the lovely Ben Barnes, who basically is the doppelganger of Dimitri in real form, and also the guy I would choose to play Dimitri any day of the week). Enjoy. This bitch is HOTTTTT.



Dimitri was born Dmitry Ivanevich Zacharov in Sacramento, California. His father, Ivan, was an accountant. His mother, Sara, was an illustrator. They had left their home just outside Moscow shortly after they were married, as Ivan received a job offer in Sacramento. Sara gave birth to Dimitri a year later.

Dimitri was raised as Eastern Orthodox, and attended the Russian Orthodox Church throughout his life in California. But due to the lack of appropriate religious schools in Sacramento, his parents had to choose somewhere purely of excellent teaching merit. They sent Dimitri to C.K. McClatchy, a prestigious institution in the area.
He was a popular student, though not because of his academic performance - Dimitri was a nefarious rebel and enjoyed breaking the rules. However, he only pushed his luck enough to rattle cages, and stopped short of doing things that would get him suspended or dismissed from school. This made him an infuriating student to teach, and a hero amongst his peers - even the ones who claimed to hate him.

During his time at school, Dimitri slowly threw off the shackles of his faith - missing church in order to 'study' (this was only occasionally true) and generally dropping the morals he'd been taught, one by one. His final act of defiance was to lose his virginity (prematurely, as the legal age in California is 18) at 17 after a school dance. He arrived without a date, and left with someone else's date. Once this news spread across the school, Dimitri had just as many enemies as friends, but this did not affect him at all.

Throughout his education, Dimitri had an interest in the arts, thanks to his mother's influence. He'd received an expensive camera on his 17th birthday, and began to dabble in amateur photography. Finding that he had a talent, he told his parents that he might like to study photography at college. This displeased his father, who would have preferred his son to follow in his footsteps as an accountant. He believed that Dimitri would crumble under pressure and do as he said, so it came as a surprise when Dimitri took his college savings and fled to the United Kingdom. For a while he was effectively disowned by his father, if not his mother, who missed him from the start.

Dimitri enrolled at Manchester Metropolitan University to undertake a BA in Photography. He managed to excel at his course despite playing quite extensively with drugs and enjoying alcohol in excess. He had few real friends, but many acquaintances with whom he would spend his time. 

After completing his studies somewhat successfully, with a 2.1, Dimitri looked forward to a fruitful career in photography. Unfortunately his dreams were unfounded and he realised the field was much more competitive than he'd thought. His ideals of artistic photography were shattered as he attempted to score commissions with magazines based on his portfolio. He was rejected by many, being told that his work was not striking or innovative enough. Exasperated, Dimitri lowered his standards and got some freelance work as a photographer for a popular lad's mag. The job was easy for Dimitri, and he continued to receive work of this nature, which paid his rent. He also had a reasonable amount of money in the bank, sent to him by his mother, which allowed him to live slightly beyond his means as a new graduate.

After a chance encounter with a famous celebrity at a local club, Dimitri managed to capture a photo of her in a compromising position. Knowing that this sort of thing was gold dust, Dimitri submitted the photo to a weekly gossip magazine - and was paid handsomely for his lucky strike. This led into his career as a paparazzo.

Dimitri's photography blog, an arty collection of his works which no one ever commented on, was given an overhaul. Dimitri turned it into a gossip blog to display his own exclusive snaps of the glitterati. The money he made off his blog and from sending selected photos to magazines was more than enough, and he began to live quite comfortably.

A club kid at heart, Dimitri would often be seen hanging around swish bars even when he wasn't looking for gossip fodder. On one of these nights, at age 22, he encountered Spokesman Rain, who enticed him back to his apartment with the lure of wanting to see his portfolio. Dimitri barely remembers what happened during the embrace, since he was very drunk and had snorted a large amount of coke that evening. When he next awoke, he could only recall being unbearably thirsty. A hooker, half passed out and already bleeding from the neck, was inexplicably lying next to him, though he learned later that she had been provided by Rain. Dimitri fed on the hooker, gaining little satisfaction from the kill - he has likened the cold feeling in his stomach to the same one after a regrettable one-night stand. 

Dimitri generally got on well with Rain, whom he respects, though Rain often spoke sharply to him. It wasn't long before Dimitri tired of this, and decided to start a new life of his own. 

Dimitri's haven was initially his apartment in the Northern Quarter. One of his favored activities is to invite victims (both girls and guys) back from clubs for 'entertainment.' He often has a supply of drink and drugs on tap, but only some of these are free, as dealing drugs allows for a little more pocket money. He will often only invite what he sees as 'tolerable' guests - i.e., if he runs into an insufferable scene kid at Rockworld, he will likely feed on them then and there, rather than waste good cocaine on them at his apartment.

He has a small herd of girls who return regularly and bring along their friends. They are aware of Dimitri's 'condition,' however Dimitri is still very discreet with his feeding when it comes to these girls. He also indulges in more human pleasures. Despite these conveniences, Dimitri will kill on average once a week, usually in a secluded alleyway or dark corner of a club.
If Dimitri ever runs into one of his old university friends, who recognise him, he simply informs them that they are mistaken - this confuses them a great deal, but they usually leave him alone afterwards. 

Dimitri has ghouled a young man named Karl to act as the mortal Dimitri during daytime, who also lives in his apartment. In addition, Karl has a job of his own (he works at Barclays Bank) and pays half the rent, which leaves Dimitri even more money to play with.

Though Dimitri started off as a neonate with a lot of attitude, by the end of season one he's gained respect from his sire, and is a much bigger player in the city - however he still has plenty of ambition. 
Career-wise, his success as a paparazzo has attracted much more credible published magazine work. He has also been in touch with his parents to brag about this, which has finally ended the silent treatment he was getting from his father. His father is now pumping a generous amount of money into Dimitri's bank account each month as a result of this, which Dimitri is using to further invest in his hedonistic lifestyle. 


Dimitri's natural hair colour is dark blond/light brown, but he dyes it dark brown/black. His eyes are hazel. He has strong but 'pretty' facial features. His hair, which is shoulder-length, softens his face. He is 5'10" tall. His skin was naturally pale when he was mortal, but is now much more so. He is slim yet well built, with toned muscles, and appears fairly boyish and delicate, however he possesses a good deal of physical strength, which is a great advantage in a fight - his prowess comes as a shock to the enemy. However, Dimitri dislikes extreme violence (if only because it may ruin his designer clothes) and will do his best not to insight it, unless he is especially angry or needs to defend himself.

As a student he was fairly casual, but wore expensive brands and styled his hair messily. He wore eyeliner on occasion, and still does. Now he is more likely to be wearing a suit, or at the very least trousers, a graphic T-shirt, and a blazer, with leather shoes. He almost always wears jewellery, and is a fan of the Japanese 'kodona' style, so prefers crosses and crucifixes, and silver tones in his accessories. His favourite colours are black, grey and white, with the occasional splash of jewel tones such as red or violet.

Dimitri owns a Porsche 911 Carrera convertible in dark blue. He is extremely proud of the car, which he bought in 2005. It replaces his 'baby' (still home in California) - a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner in red and black.


Dimitri was always slightly brattish, and has become less so since becoming a vampire. However, he remains quite selfish and manipulative. Contrary to the opinions of his detractors, Dimitri is not just a party boy, and behind the carefree exterior lies a very calculating mind. He has steadily risen in power since his embrace, and now demands a certain amount of respect from other Kindred in the city, as well as a healthy dose of hatred. 

He is wilful, charming and extremely socially confident, clever, sarcastic and seductive. His main downfall is that he is impulsive by nature, which can sometimes lead to bad decisions, though he usually manages to repair what he's done. In many ways he is quite cold-blooded, but he was also the least murderous and the most human of his coterie in physical terms. Much of the 'bad' things Dimitri does are in fact, very human - indulgence, excess, and promiscuity.

In season one, Dimitri had the opportunity to screw over the other members of his coterie, namely Kane, who had caused final death for another vampire. Dimitri never did leak this information for his own benefit, but was very close to doing so, and only decided against it because his favored coterie member (Chuck) was also directly involved in the incident.

Dimitri speaks with an accent most reminiscent of California, but with a very slight 'rich boy' British tone. He generally uses American terms and slang words. He is in both fluent English and Russian, and speaks a fair amount of French.

Personal life

When mortal, Dimitri had multiple sexual relationships during his days at university. In his first year he lived in halls, and frequently annoyed his fellow residents by bringing back different girls almost every night. He had one steady 'girlfriend' in his second year. This lasted a month, as she kept referring to him as 'Dee-mee,' and he quickly got sick of her company. He broke up with her, however he never cheated on her when they were together. After this relative 'calm' period, Dimitri began to date outside of university. He was growing tired of the easy targets on campus, and instead would meet girls in coffee houses or bars, which sometimes required more of a challenge. It was at this time that he had his first sexual experience with a man, and this became a habit, although Dimitri's encounters with women still outweigh his homosexual exploits.

A while after being embraced, Dimitri met his future ghoul, Karl, in a gay bar on Canal Street. He met up with him several times before revealing his true nature and asking Karl's consent to be ghouled. Karl, by this point, was in love with Dimitri, and so agreed. Karl lives in hope that Dimitri will one day embrace him so that they might be companions. However, although Dimitri cares for Karl a great deal, he often doesn't let this show. He is guilty of taking advantage of Karl's love and loyalty, and keeps him sweet by sporadically allowing Karl to provide him sexual favours. 

Dimitri's enemies are also not immune to his charms - though usually through no fault of their own. Annabel Barbican, a Ventrue who despised Dimitri, would consistently put Dimitri down in public. Dimitri responded by flirting with Annabel mercilessly, which further fuelled her anger. Dimitri was so amused by Annabel, that he invited her to his masquerade ball. He did not believe she would accept the invitation, but she showed up. Dimitri then drugged a ghoul with morphine, unbeknownst to Annabel, and then offered the ghoul for her to feed upon. Once under the influence of the drug, Annabel allowed herself to have sex with Dimitri (behind the privacy of a curtain at the party venue). 
Afterwards, Dimitri sent Annabel home, and has not seen her since. Initially Annabel could not recall any of the incident, however her memory is slowly returning to her, and she will be confronting Dimitri at some point in the second season. 

Dimitri does not have any true friends, unless you count Karl, who considers himself to be Dimitri's best friend. Dimitri never got on especially well with the other members of his coterie, though he would most often pair up with Chuck if given the option, since Chuck provided an unofficial bodyguard service when Dimitri wanted to avoid a fight. Dimitri was aware that both Thessaly and Kane had trust issues with him, and never sought to debunk their suspicions.???


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