Monday, 27 June 2011

Collaborative bluebooks

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Disclaimer: Kris gave me permission to post this ;)

Hi guys,

I know not everyone is as into writing bluebooks as I am, but if anyone IS interested in writing some stuff, I thought I’d throw in the idea of doing ‘collaborative bluebooking.’  It’s basically how I used to do online roleplay – two or more people writing a story or cut scene. One person [voicing the thoughts and actions of their character] writes a paragraph or so, and the other/s reply [not instantly… I used to leave days sometimes between getting back to fellow players] with a paragraph explaining the actions of their character. It’s a good way to expand upon existing storylines [or create new, minor ones] when we’re not playing a game, or in downtime. The nature of tabletop roleplay means that one-on-one scenes are often limited, mostly because of dice-rolling. Also for some [including me] it’s more difficult to physically roleplay their character in-game, and easier to write things from their perspective instead.

Just a thought – I understand that not everyone will have the time or inclination!


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