Monday, 11 July 2011

[Bluebook] Light's further dreams and visions.

The ride to the port town was quiet for Light, the chatter of Rain discussing beliefs to their new tag along did little to truly interest him and the others seemed less willing to talk also. He let his mind wander as they travelled more and more since his vision, hoping to glimpse more of the past life lead by the woman whose name he didn’t even know. These thoughts gave him some small measure of comfort though to know that with her help he’d be able to do something to stop this creature before it tainted and killed an entire city.

Then he felt a rush and the bright white light was there again, it slowly faded to reveal the woman’s face with a proud smile though seemingly much younger. She stood at the forefront of a battlefield, armies clashing either side of her, one stood almost gleaming in the desert sun, blades flashing as they tore through armour and flesh alike. The other side showed little armour, though Light could clearly see the discipline with which they marched.

Then the smile faded as she charged forward, a scream emerged from her lips that resounded with a perfect mix of fury and power as she brought her lance to bear. She swung it round with a skill and grace unmatched by the others but still spurring them onwards to greater feats of bravery. She swung the lance again, smashing aside several of the soldiers, who cried out in horror and panic as she started chanting quietly at first before blasting forth a torrent of butterflies. The people fell quickly, either torn in half or else turned to a thin red mist from the force of spell.

 Cheers started around her as the battle looked to be moving in her favour and then they were cut short as an armour clad figure emerged from the slaughter, plate boots clanking slightly as it moved towards her. It pointed straight at her and spoke, though the words were not yet understood by light he felt a mix of smug pride and anger at the figure’s words. The figure raced forward, faster than seemed possible for such a heavily armoured figure as it lifted a great, shimmering blade in preparation for an attack. She jumped just in time for the blade to skim past her, slicing through some of the tassels on her armour and smashing down beneath her, erupting the area in a shockwave that threw all those unlucky enough to be caught by it crashing to the ground.

As she hit the ground from her jump she looked up and brought the lance up across herself to block another blow from the sword, soldiers around her started to fall back in panic as the shockwaves batted them aside like leaves in the wind. The sword sung forward again, slicing across and smashing into her armour which crumpled inwards from the blow as she screamed out agony, grabbing her side. A plate clad fist came round, smashing into her jaw and a white hot burning erupted instantly as she fell to the floor. She motioned to get to her feet when a boot hit her full force in the ribs, knocking the wind from her as she coughed and struggled for breath.

Light could feel the fear now rising in his own gut as he felt a cold hand touch him. Then a primal scream sounded from the ranks as a pure white creature darted forward from the battle lines, impossibly fast. The flash over silver and the sound of metal on metal erupted suddenly as the black figure was pushed back by the sheer ferocity and speed of this sudden assault. An angry bellow as he swung his fist round, batting the attacker away, it stayed still just long enough for light to see it’s form. A white furred humanoid with a sword in each hand and a long tail swishing about with a third blade ready to strike back.

It screamed and once more charged forward, ducking under the attacking sword and plunging both blades deep into the armour of the figure which screamed in absolute hatred. The tail swung round and removed the figures hand and the greatsword dropped to the floor. The figure, now clutching his stump, spat a curse at this new creature before turning to retreat behind his lines of warriors.

Then the thing turned to the woman, sheathing the blades as it did and walked back towards the woman. It’s fur disappearing and the tail retracting as it did, revealing a small figure, with pale white skin and deep red hair. They hefted Light’s mentor onto her shoulders with a quick whispered word and darted forward through the lines of the now reforming army.

Then the light appeared once more and Light found himself swaying somewhat in the saddle of the horse once more and the familiar sounds of Rain and the others came back to him as he shook his head in a dazed state. “What’s your name?” He whispered to himself as he remembered the vision. The woman’s voice spoke to him, as though within him “Blossom of the autumn sun” and he smiled to himself as it came to him, now with a face and name for his teacher and companion.


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