Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Exalted - The Dawn Solution and more.

Just an update, I will be applying a lot of the errata from now on in Exalted as the scale of the game increases. This also includes the Dawn solution. This basically means that it makes the Dawn caste more diverse by having a flowing combat form.


Here is the reasoning


By now the story is an old one.

The Solar Exalted were brought into existence to fulfill a purpose. They were the ultimate weapons of the gods, built to overpower and even slay the titans. They were forged first and foremost for this purpose.

Telling then, that in a set of five Castes, one amongst them would embody all the principles of combat.

Above and beyond the rest of the Lawgivers, Solars of the Dawn Caste were made for one thing: war. Combat is their imperative, conflict is their instinct, and killing is their birthright. In all the universe there has never been a more perfect or efficient martial design.

Some may see the Dawn Caste as being more limited than the other Castes of the Sun’s Chosen.

A Night or Zenith can easily take up a daiklave or lead an army, while trusting in his own native abilities to be the judgmental eye of the Unconquered Sun, or the spiritual pharos of Creation’s people. Similarly, a Twilight can expect to become a master sorcerer, or a genius forging wonders from the raw potential of his illimitable imagination, while an Eclipse may travel the world, enforcing order on lawless lands. For all the Castes, it would seem that being a master warrior was a given, and so the Dawn Caste suffered under a premise which any Caste of Lawgiver could accomplish out of hand.

But this view is mistaken.

For it is the Dawns alone who exemplify all the tenets of combat fusion—the principles of fighting which make the Solar Exalted supreme. Where at a glance one might see five redundant theatres of combat ability, the Solars see one cohesive military form: a single, merged combat ability which creates the ultimate fighter.

Solars of the Dawn Caste do not approach Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, Thrown, or even War as five separate forms of combat. Rather they experience them as one flowing, interconnected martial form which they may master. This mastery is not beyond the scope of the other Lawgivers, but it is the Bronze Tigers who most easily, quickly, and readily move through the five martial abilities, blending every aspect into a fighting style which makes them the premiere slayers amongst the Solar Exalted.

Solars of the Dawn Caste are relentless. The enemies of Creation do not sleep and are without number, but the Swords of Heaven do not quail. They thrive on conflict. They live in strife. For them there is no other way.

Yet, as the Caste which is more heavily driven in a single direction than any other, the Dawn Caste may still seem limited. It is for this reason that they were made to exemplify all tenets of combat—even the ones which exceed their own native abilities—so that they might vary in form and function, extending into principle abilities which were not centered around the act of war. The Dawn emphasis on combat knows no Caste lines. It knows no difference in abilities. It seeks only to extend into that which creates the perfect battle form.

This is the heart and soul of the Dawn Solution.

—Ø 8/31/10


Essentially it makes it easier for Dawn caste to flow from one fighting form to another, as a melee charm can augment archery ect. This makes it easier for them to focus on charms from other Castes, who are more diverse in their options.

This of course means that other castes can do the same, but for the Dawn it is efficient due to having all combat charms as favoured.



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