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Episode 3 part 5


Dorn and the Tiger God, Kha Alahan, grappled in the ruins of the arena. Despite the strength of the god Dorn did not let go, and continued to crush the life out of the being. Meanwhile, in the tunnels of the arena Aisha found a being suitable to replace the Nephwrack in her Yasal crystal. It appeared to be a white dear, and it was held in a cage made of wood. Aisha figured that the wood was harmful to the demon, and so offered it a deal. However, she also had to force the undead spirit from her crystal, realizing that there would be repercussions.

Dorn continued to crush the god, the Tiger bellowing as Dorn broke the back god. The spirit fell from Dorn's arms and lay on the ground. He had won and relished his victory. But as he stood over the fading form of the god he  was joined by anotther. She had lurked  in the shadows and was small and beautiful. She had dark hair, and was naked save for the soul steel guantlets, chains and a blood red ragged cloak. Where she walked the cloak left smears of gore. She approached the barbarian and caressed him. Dorn was overcome by the heady aroma, and listened to her words. She encouraged him to take the city, and from there the entire region  and burn it all to the ground. And Dorn listened and simple let  her do what she wished. The small woman stooped over the god and  drove a soul steel dagger into the god. With a red gloww the dagger pulsed and absorbed the god, his body decaying and crumbling away.


At the palace Kheralin saw Light fall before the rendding jade claws of the Immaculate Monk. Drawing together her essence Kheralin focused. A mandala of energy formed before her,  centred on the monk. Each arrow fired through it, igniting in solar essence. The arrows thundered forward with two striking the monk.

From the other side of the mass battle Echo saw the arrows strike down like lightning. They hit the monk, and  beyond Echo could see the immobile form of Light. Echo could not let another comrade fall in battle again. With an effortless use of Monkey Leap technique, Echo soared over the soldiers and unleashed a seriess of attacks at the monk, before landing. The monk had however dodged and blocked the onslaught.

Rain,  injured and bleeding made another series of slashes and slices at the Fire aspect Dragon Blood sorceror. Rain called upon all his willpower and conviction to tear the dragon blood apart. he sorceror was dead, his skin fading from bronze to pale lifeless flesh.

The monk was only lightly injured, and called upon his Water Dragon form. He struck out at Echo, sparks flying as claws and greatsword met, but the monk was too fast, and Echo was cut badly.

Echo, needing the drop on the monk, flipped over him, landing so that his back would be open to attack. Kheralin took the opening and fired another volley. The monk staggered with the new injuries and looked up to see his wounded combatant ready to attack. Echo had gathered all his essence into his sword. The great sword glowed with solar fury and Echo charged forward, driving the blade into thhe monk. Echo lifted the sword, and with it the monk, who began to painfully slide down the blade. Rain, seeing his opening, called upon his Thunderbolt Attack Prana. In a blink of golden light Rain was mid air above the monk,  and struck down. Both blades stabbed into the monk's back. Rain forced the monk down Echo's blade. Putting his boot onto Echo's knee Rain pulled down on the blades, and the two Solar's cleaved the monk into many sections.

Seeing the Dragon Bloods dead, and Echo's burning Griffon anima banner, caused the guard of the palace to flee. A storm blew up. From the whirlwind emerged Dorn and Aisha. Aisha moved quickly and tended to Light. The mercenaries had  done all they could but Aisha was able too restore Light.

Together the Solar's went on to the ancient Manse of the Grey Tiger. The giant tomb like structure towered into the sky. Within they followed the route to the library. Within was a store room of many hundreds of scrolls and books made of strips of bamboo. The owl like god of the library sat there and welcomed them. It explained the nature of the prophecy and how the Grey Tiger and his priesthood had used the false prophecy to control the city for all time. But the stars, having  been realigned have led to prophecies being broken, and others coming into being. The prophecy of their coming, once considered false, was made by the mad blind prince of the city some 300 years ago. His tomb, in Sijan, holds more of his words and perhaps they too are now valid. The owl god also asked if they had the jade globe. With it he showed them that it was more than just a map of the stars, or a key. It was the way to find the tools of the Maker. The god activated the globe, which spun into action, and it displayed the floating fortress that had attacked the village.

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