Friday, 21 September 2012

[Vampire the Requiem] Galen

So as part of season two of my Vampire the Requiem chronicle we have one new character, Galen.


Galen is 




I am laying here in the grass of this warm summer night and watching the space above me.  The blinking stars I see there, are like small needles in a black carped. These lights are like hope, tiny, but people fight for it and in the end they are disappearing in the big black void. Void. That’s all I feel since I was embraced a few years ago.  I don’t know who it did and in the end it doesn’t matter, because here I am. Now I became to a life sucking monster, a Vampire, like a black hole swallows all life into a nothing. There are other Monsters alike me, some of them are bathing in glamour while they are stealing the energy of the mortals, other are more animals which are hiding in the darkness. But yet I couldn’t find anybody else, who is alike me, an instrument of the Void. Perhaps I am the only one. But also that doesn’t matter. Only one came to me to teach me the abilities and the lore of the darkness and the Void in my heart. Khaimann. I’ve never seen him, but I know when he is close to me. Then he whispers in my ear telling me truths and giving orders for the next lesson.

The sound of my MD-player is coming to my ears through the wind which bends the grass. On this disk are the latest sounds of the Jodrell Bank Telescope. It recorded sounds of a pulsar, far away of earth. I cant find any inspirations in it. I am musician, this is my instrument to show the Void which surrounds us and to destroy the illusions of all the light and the hope. I had been an musician already in lifetime, a guitarist. I cant remember this time anymore, there are only blurs of it left. It doesn’t matter anymore. But why are these thoughts coming to me right now.

I get up from the grass and shake the dirt away, then I notice somebody is close to me. A girl and a boy some meters away from me and they haven’t noticed me yet. The hunger overcomes me, sometimes I like to play with the hunger, trying to get closer to the physical void inside, but to keep the control over the animal inside, I have to drink blood sometimes. Oh, I can smell them. Teenagers, about to do  naughty things. Easy victims. In their reach I hide in the shadows and watch them both. A young gothic girl, perhaps 14 years old and a boy, about 17 years old, sporty but not really attractive. I see how they are playing and kissing each other. The boy is rude and I understand that he is here for the only one reason. She was easy to get and he took the chance and brought her here to do it. And tomorrow he would be accepted again by his friends as a man and not a boy anymore. She was looking for attention and love, which she couldn’t find at home. She believed that this guy would give it to her, because he was the first one who paid attention for more than five minutes.

His hands gets down on her body and tries to find a way in her pants, but she resist and says “not so fast, this is all new to me” but he is going on with his wanting and forces her hand away. She tries to fight him with words and her small hands, but she has no chance against him. To get control over the situation he hit her right in the face with the fist and tears her clothing down. He starts to penetrate her and her lips leaves a small whining. Its almost like a sad song. This is my turn, now I gonna interfere  and will take my dinner. I run out the shadow with my claws and teeth ready and attack the guy. My first strike hits him in the back, surprised about what happens to him, he is not able to react. My nails are tearing his skin and my teeth are digging in his neck to get this sweet juice what I need. In my ecstasy I almost forget the girl, I will take her after. I am feeling the warmth coming to my body and I feel the life and emotions again. Then the feeling is getting weaker and the blood flow disappears, I am coming back to earth and his body falls into the grass. The girl is still there and her pants are down her knees. Her eyes are full of tears and fear but over her lips I hear a small whisper. “kill me, please!” My hunger flies away immediately . “Why?” I answer. “There is nothing to life for me. This guy gave me love, when he tried to rape me. I wanted it, when he hit me and when he were violent to me, I felt his love. But you killed him. So please take me in your arms with all your love and kill me.” I feel fascinated by her fear and her wanting to die at the same time. Down her arms I see the scars and the fresh wounds she made by herself with a knife. She lost her hope for life and she barely understands that  everything is a lie. Love, warmth, light, success, Life, family everything is such fragile illusion when you are on the bottom of the world. “No. I wont kill you, because now you are enlightened by the great void.”

I move away from her and disappear in the shadow, but I am certain that I will meet her again. Perhaps then I gonna drink her blood, her sweet blood… a bit.

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