Tuesday, 9 April 2013

RPG Gaming and Technology

So for this post I am going to write about the technology I use for gaming. I use a fair bit and it is increasing with each passing year as the power of phones, tablets and the apps available become better and better.

Lets begin with laptops and traditional computing. I have a laptop with a HDMI output. This is useful as I make use of gaming soundtracks that I have put together, and I also will use slide shows of inspirational images. The HDMI means I can pump all this through my TV. The music is put together on Spotify, so just in case I can run the music on any of my other devices.

The laptop, running Windows, of course also has is my main writing device. So I will use Word to put together big documents, and Adobe apps for putting together things like the covers for the Darker Days ezine, and other image manipulation. Being quite a powerful laptop (used also for programming and running stuff in parallel), it handles all that very well.

Of course I also make use of web apps. Google Docs is my main tool of choice for prepping my game notes, and collaborating with other writers, be it for the podcast, or for a freelance piece. It also means I can easily synch with my Linux machine at work.

The other major web app I use is Dropbox. I can then seamlessly synchronize documents and game pdfs from the laptop to my other devices.

Other devices? Well of course I have a smartphone. It's an android Sony Xperia S. I've gotten practised at installing custom ROMs on the devices, and so I can upgrade it faster than the official ROMs release. Of course I mainly use that device for quick searches, and reading material for games on the bus or on relatively short journeys.

My power house device though is my Asus TF101 eeePad. It is a 10 inch tablet, which is over 18 months old, and first shipped with Android 3.0, and has been upgrade through official ROMs and custom ROMs to 4.2.2. It is pretty awesome with each new ROM. Getting faster and better. The tablet has the right size and weight, with a textured back to help with grip. The tablet was of course a first, as it had a purpose built dock, similar to the keyboards of the net books made by Asus. This machines is great, for typing, reading, annotating, and even as a SSH client so I can work away from my Linux machine. It has room for expandable storage, and more via the dock. It is the perfect device, and I know I will be saving to replace it eventually with a more up to date version.

Social networking wise I of course use Skype for podcasting, and will be using Google Plus and the Hangout feature for online gaming. Google Plus of course come leaps and bounds with more gaming specific features. I can't wait to try them out.

Of course we have some time to go yet until  we have the perfect setup of devices. Searching books on pdf is still a little clunky. We also eagerly await for interactive books and apps for games - but those are in the works.

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