Saturday, 1 June 2013

Iron Kingdoms - Paint, Lots of Paint

So running Iron Kingdoms RPG has meant a big return to something in my life - painting minis. Now for those of you new to these parts I used to paint on a very regular basis. Starting from the age of 12 I have painted;

Epic Eldar
Epic Space Marine - Space Wolves
Epic Tyranids
Necromunda - Spyre Hunters
Necromunda - House Van Saar Gang
Gorka Morka - Gorkas
40K Tyranids
40K Tau
40K Nurgle Plague Marines
Warhammer Chaos Warriors
Warhammer Tomb Kings
Warmaster Tomb Kings
Warmaster Empire
And various other stuff.

I say stuff, because for 3 years I worked at a Games Workshop store and painted whatever they gave me. So I had a lot of practice. Of course I also got into Warmachine during that time and Confrontation (which may be coming back!).

So the Iron Kingdoms RPG has renewed my interest both in painting minis and in the wargames - which since I had a stab at Warmachine back during it's first edition, we now have Hordes and a hell of a lot of minis to choose from. Now I have bought in the past Cygnar and Khador battle groups (yeah the old metal versions now less!). So I got my Cygnar group back after handing off my Warmachine minis before my move to Germany, and have retouched the Cygnar group. I also picked up last year at Essen Spiel, Trollbloods. And now I have finally finished painting them.

What's next I hear you ask.

Warmachine Boxed Set - Khador and Protectorate of Menoth
Cygnar Long Gunners
Cygnar Gun Mage solo
Cygnar Mechanik and Gobber Bodgers
Hordes Dr Arkadius - to represent a Alchemist Investigator (also I might use him in Hordes if I get some Farrow beasts)
FMF Royal Guard Stryker - to represent a Knight Duelist
Warmachine Orin Midwinter - to represent a Priest of Morrow ex-Military Captain
Warmachine Taryn da li Rovissi - for my wife's IKRPG character, a Aristocrat Bounty Hunter

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