Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Everything is a ripoff!

So as you may or may not know, Privateer Press is right now running a kickstarter for their computer game version of Warmachine, Warmachine Tactics. It's doing really well. It's funded, and pushed through many a stretch goal.

Now of course this has meant that this game has got the attention of many computer game blogs/magazines. And what has really impress (I mean annoyed) me is how many people have jumped on it and said, 'This is a blatant Warhammer 40K rip-off'.

It seems just as space marines are apparently (not) Games Workshop's creation,  it also means that any wargame that has 'War' in the name, and has an army with a blue scheme, and robot like things, then they must be ripping off GW.

What astounds me is the short term memory of the denizens of the internet, how IPs can be decried as rip-offs when compared to IPs that are in fact the true rip-off, it just happened that the latter go a game/got a movie first.

What also is frankly more annoying is that the very people writing these 'revelations', are doing so via a medium that would in fact in a matter of a few minutes make them more informed about what they are writing about.

It is as if writing about something on the internet make you more correct than a person who has taken the time to use the internet to become more informed on the matter.

Oh and of course there is nothing new under the sun!

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