Friday, 6 June 2014

More miniature action!

So the first proper 35 pt game I have had. pHexeris theme army vs Kaya and Gatormen. A narrow loss for me due to me being a bit cocky with Hexeris and not getting him out the way enough when the game was already clearly in my favour, leading to him dying to Gatormen.

The general way the game played out was the Titan Gladiator being locked down due to the Argus doppler bark, the Acuarii dragging the Winter Argus into range which led to it's death and Hexeris denying fury. Snapjaw ripped through some swordsmen, but of course that was just more souls for Aptimus. The eventual end of the game was the Cyclops both taking out the Feral Warpwolf, and the Argus frenzying, setting up the Titan Gladiator to do a grand slam on it and onto Kaya. It should have been game over at that point really.

I think next game, I may suggest a switch of army, where I use my mates Circle, and he uses one of the other armies.

Also on the Kickstarter front, Don't Panic Games is running their kickstarter for Drakerys, a new fantasy skirmish game. I recently won on a competition on their Facebook page, in the run up to the Kickstarter, a resin mini of their fire elemental.

 They have some great miniatures, interesting mechanics, and novel takes on classic fantasy races.

Meanwhile I have a few things to finish painting, the start of a Gatorman army, and the wait for the Kingdom Death boxed game, and a miniature I ordered from their store ready for practice.

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