Monday, 19 January 2015

[Battle Report] Hybrid - The Invisible War

Laboratory SO25 - Part 1

The Knights of the Lodge of Hod have uncovered a laboratory that is proving especially difficult to destroy - the lab SO25. For an unknown reason, the warriors created in this laboratory appear to have some form of social organisation and are able to coordinate their attacks to repel intruders. Venerable Ambrosius assembles his finest warriors: time is running out and all this agitation will soon attract the attention of the authorities.

Everything must be destroyed immediately.

This is a show down - last man standing.


Venerable Ambrosius
Knight of the Lodge of Hod
Darkness Hunter


Sin Assyris
Dasyatis Clone
3 Hybrid Clones
Dawn Warrior

The warriors of Hod entered the laboratory, while the clones spread out, seeking what resource may aid them.

The Dasyatis, commanded by Sin Assyris, roared and barrelled forward, smashing doors aside, as the elite clone followed.

Having taken up a defensive position, Sin Assyris fired his alchemical pistol, Asp, at Ambrosius, as the old man emerged from the gloom. His shot was true and wounded the old man. Sin knew that more fighters would be on their way, aided by the aura the holy warrior radiated, and so he motioned for the enormous war beast to block the door.

The Knight and Darkness Hunter pushed past the injured Ambrosius, with the witch hunter rapidly firing with his pistols. The cloned war beast bellowed with rage, and was soon attacked by the Executioner. The monk darted before the best, slashing with his consecrated blade. The Dasyatis retreated.

The Knight of Hod was out flanked by the Dawn Warrior, the two swordsmen engaging in mortal combat. The Purifier, perhaps impetuously, though empowered by the holy auras of Ambrosius and the Knight, emerged from the chamber and fired upon the war beast, hoping to slay the monster. But, his shots did not hit home. Sin Assyris took his chance and attacked. One of the Hybrid clones entered the chamber, and a remorseless evil made the creatures eyes blaze with rage. Luminous chemicals were pumping through the Hybrid's veins, causing it to grow in stature. It charged forward and hacked away at the Purifier, and in turn the Dasyatis clone did the same, slaying the holy warrior.

The Knight of Hod landed a series of blows on the Dawn Warrior, slicing the genetically engineered fighter apart. But, as soon as the Dirz clone died a crossbow blot fired from the Hybrid that lurked in the gloom, piercing the blessed armour of the Knight. The Executioner needed to give the Darkness Hunter a clear line of sight, and had already sustained an injury. He stood a better chance against the other Hybrids, and not the beast before him. He charged past the Knight and towards the Hybrid he had just fired upon the Knight, but was unwittingly caught in the crossfire and slain by another crossbow bolt.

The bestial Hybrid charged forth, and in the mass of combat in the claustrophobic chamber, the Knight, and soon after Ambrosius, were dead. The Darkness Hunter, grievously injured had no choice but to flee.

So this was quite a simple mission for Hybrid, but none the less quite a fun one. This game saw a number of new figures used (Darkness Hunter, Sin Assyris, Dasyatis Clone), and quite a few new cards in play turn up, plus some rather deadly combinations of auras and mutations and event cards.

For example, the "Offensive Combat Kit" was a great card used to upgrade Sin Assyris to really make him a threat, boosting both his close combat and defensive abilities. "War Chief" was also a great card for the Griffin, allowing a fighter to activate, and then the next two in the sequence. Such a means to break the turn sequence can be potentially devastating.

The Griffin were also rather lucky with their aura cards. Two figures had access to auras, and they allowed the Griffin to benefit from excellent buffs. To start let's note that only one figure, the Purifier, had the aptitude "Conviction", which gives that model a +1 to the skill level for rolls, if the model is within 8 squares of the leader of the group. But, one of the auras used by Ambrosius was "Aura of Conviction", which gives all models in aura range (2 squares from Ambrosius) the Conviction aptitude, or increases it by 1 if they already have it. Coupled with the "Aura of Bliss" used by the Knight (models in range get a +1 on the skill level for rolls), it made the group, so long as they stayed together, rather powerful.

Likewise, the Dirz force benefited from an event card that turned one of the Hybrid's in to a killing machine, and a mutation that made Sin Assyris very fast moving.

Over all a great game, that again could have gone either way at any moment, and also showcased some of the cool abilities of the models.

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