Thursday, 12 February 2015

[Battle Report] Hybrid - The Heroes' Twilight

Laboratory SO25 - Part 2

There are still some surprises in store for Ambrosius as he throws himself hell-for-leather into the exploration of laboratory SO25. AS his troops are setting the charges that will destroy the lab once and for all, he hears moaning in the distance.

Ambrosius uncovers a secret passage, and steps inside. Many old friends and battle companions who he believed were dead are imprisoned there, waiting patiently for someone to free them from their morbid destiny. But still the guards must be vanquished.

So the last mission of the boxed game! Final battle!

The Griffin player (this time me) is limited to a total rank of 7 and 5 models. The Dirz player (Ben) has a total of 8 in rank and models. I'm going to be outnumbered or there is going to be some big monster.

Venerable Ambrosius
3 Purifiers

Tiger of Dirz
Keratis Warrior

Yeah, lots of big monsters!

I start the game with just Ambrosius and Misericorde entering the board from the entrance on the left of the map. The other models are in the cells highlighted blue. They're locked in until a model activates objective 1. Objective 2 will open the exits to the top of the map, through which I need one model to escape.

Taking the lead, Ambrosius enters the board, and quickly makes a direct route to Objective 1, and is soon chased by the Aberration. Misericorde, while a formidable warrior, chooses to ignore the monster in her way, and runs past looking to defend Ambrosius. The other Dirz creatures and clones are on their tail, while the Neuromancer (alone in the chamber to the bottom right, while all the other Dirz fighters started in the top chamber) went to activate the event counter nearby. A swarm of insects filled the laboratory, hampering any attempts at using firearms. Not good for the Griffin.

The Dirz got the lead, and the Keratis warrior chased after Ambrosius and inflicted two wounds upon him (backstrikes!) using his massive sword and the vile tentacle that erupted from the warrior's back. Ambrosius turned to face his opponent and moved back, opening the door before firing his gun. He missed (not surprising with all the bugs and wounds he was suffering from). Ambrosius called upon a holy blessing of Fortification. The Tiger of Dirz stalked off down the corridor, looking to defend the exit from the lab.

Misericorde moved to fight the Keratis warrior. She missed with Hauteclair, but empowered by the aura, she was ready to block the door and so defend the old man. She held her ground as the Aberration roared through the small door and lashed out at her, tearing into her arm. The force should have sent her flying and shattered her bones, but the aura allowed her to stand strong.

Misericorde took the lead and moved about the Keratis warrior, circling him. She had donned a blessed pendant, and with her holy sword smote the Keratis warrior. The Dirz creatures lingered in the dark, seeking to prepare for the Griffin warriors to escape. Ambrosius tried to use a healing aura on Misericorde, but it did not work, and so she shouted for the old man to go release their comrades.

Soon enough the Griffin warriors were free, with Misericorde holding the corridor with her rifle at the ready. Soon enough their released comrades were there, rearmed, providing covering fire for each other. One Purifier rushed off into the dark and found the leaver that would open the exit.

With his comrades covering him, and the growling of the Tiger just beyond the door, Ambrosius called upon the aura of Fortification, and one of the Purifiers ran out, hoping to escape and bring reinforcements. A crossbow bolt missed his head, fired by the Neuromancer that lurked with the Tiger. Escape was so close, and he could hear beyond the large door the hulking Aberration.

Misericorde saw her chance. She raised her blade to the sky and invoked Merin to bless her. Her wound was staunched and she darted out and face the Tiger of Dirz. She raised the sword high once more and flames erupted from it, scorching beast and Neuromancer. And then with the burning blade she cut down the Tiger! A Purifier followed her and rounded on the Neuromancer. The Dirz fighter was now surrounded.

With few options left the Neuromancer tried to fight on, but failed to harm either warriors. Even the foul excretions from his skin failed to harm his opponents, and soon enough Misericorde had slain the cloned psychic. All that remained was the Aberration. And Griffin warriors had plenty of ammo!

Wow. Well that game at first felt really tough for the Griffin. Ambrosius took a beating but Misericorde, combined with the aura, was a rock. Able to face down the Aberration (who easily could have dealt her two wounds in that first hit!). But with only four opponents to face, and keeping Ambrosius alive and focused on releasing the Purifiers, I soon had the team gathered together, making the most of the fighters and their conviction and auras.

In hind sight Ben could see that he needed more fighters to separate and knock out Ambrosius. Also, given the way the mission starts, a fighter could have chased Ambrosius and used a skilled movement to prevent him moving (or even Misericorde) and slow down the race to the objectives, and so give time for other fighters to get in the fight.

Well, that is all for the next few months as I move country. I will blog more about Confrontation and Rag'Narok, and then, hopefully in June, Hybrid will return, as we delve into the missions of Nemesis.

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