Friday, 10 April 2015

Chris's Year Ahead

So I thought, let's be positive, and I can write briefly about hobby things that will be appearing on this blog soon in the next year.

Hybrid - Nemesis
So this would be the continuation of the battle reports and painting I have done for this game, and delving into the Nemesis Expansion box and the missions within. New horrors, new heroes, and new allies and enemies to use.

No surprise here. I have the minis, just need to play it again.

Again I have the minis, and I want to play some massed battle style games. Rag'Narok scratches that Warhammer shaped itch, with a more interesting system.

Dogs of War
Confrontation but with the trappings of Mordheim.... fun!

Iron Kingdoms RPG - The Witchfire Trilogy - Part 2
Easy rpg stuff to run for me. I have the minis, I have done the conversions, I may buy some Convergence for the hell of it.

Iron Kingdoms RPG - Mine Games
Another online game with Mike and the guys as we return to Gallowsfall, and deal with how a certain pair of Trollkin are now the town sheriffs.

NWoD - Changeling the Lost - Venice
More than likely the easiest thing for me to run at the drop of a hat is my Changeling setting.

Kingdom Death: Monster
James and I will be blogging our unboxings, construction and painting and play of this game. Expect some trials of "play by skype" where we have the same board and minis each, but co-op over the net.

Fallen Frontiers
My pledge to the scifi KS game, by Scale 75. I have the boxed set with Riff and Sayx turning up, plus the Ares as an add on force. So 3 armies.

Warmachine and Hordes gaming
Do I need to say more?

Noble Armada and Fading Suns
Hopefully some painting, playtesting and running of those games.

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