Friday, 29 April 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - Lantern Year 16 - The Second Saviour

Alcestis led Aeson, Agron and Aethra out to hunt, hoping to find one of the monstrous Antelopes. As they trekked out over the dark expanse of stone faces, a thunderous galloping could be heard. It was the sound of thunder, screams, and gibbering. A horde of Antelope surged through the dark, and for a moment, the hunters glimpsed the entity from which they fled, and their eyes grew wide with terror.

Onwards they travelled, following the stampede. A rumble was heard, and the hunters fled, as a huge worm erupted from the ground. As they fled they came upon a field of grass where the Antelope may have fed. From the field arose a dark cloud. It was a horde of some sort of baby face birds, screaming and chirruping and bloated with tumours. Aethra was pecked almost to death, and the disease was spread to her.

Having fled the swarm of cancer pigeons, they came upon a corpse, and recovered its skull. Onwards they found what may have been a old lantern horde, and gather the remains of some. As as they travelled onwards, the darkness enveloped them. Alcestis though she could hear her own heart pounding from some bloody fruit that hung before her. Aeson was plagued by maddening dreams, while in the darkness Agron and Aethra was attacked, perhaps by the very beast that had stalked the Antelope.

Past the darkness that found a dead antelope, and onwards a faceless statue where they slept to recover from their wounds. And as they neared their prey, a terrified woman came to them, seeking their help in exchange for teaching them. Finally the hunt was nearing the end.

The hunters used the landscape to their advantage, seeing to use the cover provided by the toppled pillars, as the large beast fed.

A well placed lion claw arrow stuck in the rump of the beast, and made it less able to dodge.

Aethra sliced into the beast with her steel sword.

The hunters surround the beast ready to deliver the final blows.

Alcestis drives her lion spear into the Antelope.

The Antelope runs about as the hunters dig up the acanthus plants the beast feeds upon, and also prepare to ambush it as it comes back to feed.

Agron uses his lion katars to deliver a series of deadly blows to the Antelope.

Aethra score a final hit on the Antelope, with such grace that the razor sharp sword slices straight through the monster.

Returning to the camp with their kill, the hunters witness golden lights in the sky. Alcestis gives birth, and the child in a flash of light is taken and returned, their eyes shimmering a green light. This was Odysseus Alcestis, a master of the spear like his mother, and also a Green Saviour.

The tribe constructed a shrine, honouring their ancestors, and the golden light that had blessed them. The tribe now was served by two saviours. And the arrival was well timed, as waiting out in the dark was a Butcher.

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