Saturday, 16 July 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - People of the Stars - Lantern Years 5-6 - Blood and Empires

Aapef, Aapep, Agri-manios, and Abzu, set out to hunt once more, eventually coming upon a lion cub and slaying it, and drawing the attention of its parent. While the lion attempted to lure the survivors into a trap, they prepared to lunge upon it while gathering resources from the obsidian pillar and the corpse of the survivor.

The fighting arts that had marked them as the blessed of the Tyrant allowed them to make short work of the lion, landing powerful blows and rending slices.

Upon returning to the camp the survivors dreamt, and imagined that they were just pawns of some giant being, and they were pieces on some board.

Leaving to hunt once more, Aido, Aapep, Abrasax and Aapef found the lion quickly, as their scent was blown to it on a strong wind. In the night a booming alien voice terrified the hunters, but they soon found their quarry.

The survivors were becoming experts in hunting, lunging and slicing and dealing killer blows to the lion. The dragon vestments along with his iridescent skin made Aido near impervious to the lion's claws.

Upon returning with their bounty from the hunt, another acid storm swept the plane of stone faces, an the survivors welcomed more young to their society. Having learnt the importance of building bloodlines and conquering the lands around them, the newborns of the settlement were taught all they could be by their parents, and children were now born of those who shown signs of being the chosen of the Tyrant.

From the skies a single shimmering feather landed. The phoenix had arrived.

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