Friday, 2 December 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - People of the Stars - Lantern Year 16-19 - The Sacrifice

With the arrival of the King's Man, and the need to defend both the settlement and the legacy of the tribe, the weakest of the tribe were sent out to face the armoured figure. Ahriman, Ahrimanes, Amhuluk, and Akhekhu went out to face the monster. They used every skill they had, and made use of the new tactics that the tribe had developed, surrounding the beast and making a combined strike. However, the King's Man proved too strong, too resilient, and in short order killed the survivors. Their loss, their sacrifice was mourned and revered, as Aapep led the celebration of the fallen. However, the first of the tribe to acquire a constellation - a blessing of the Tyrant - lost her child in birth, and in an attempt to save her life she was also left barren. Her blood line was not ended, but she would not conceive any more children of her own.

With the death of the sacrifices, Ammut Iron, Aido Wedo Gold, Aida Hwedo Mercury, and Alklha Gold headed out on the hunt again, seeking to find a phoenix. Along the way many strange things happened. They experienced shared dreams, and time began to flow backwards, as they wanted a crop of nightmare corn revert back to saplings growing in the bodies of slain survivors. The eventually found a pool of clean water, with Ammut, Aido and Alklha drinking from it and finding their hair had turned white. As they journeyed on further they soon came upon a bubbling cauldron. Some ate from it, others were drawn in and fed it their blood. Ammut was fortified by the draft he took, while Aida became obsessed and had to be dragged away from the meal.

Onwards they travelled, avoiding the very ground from gobbling them up, and passing the strange pools of gurgling saliva. And eventually they found it, perched on a gnarled tree - a phoenix.

The Phoenix proved a simple beast to defeat, such was the might of the survivors, as steel sword and katar cut into the hide of the giant bird. Hacking away it screeched, beating its wings and causing time to stir and churn. Alklha was unmade!

Returning to the camp the hunters were met by a survivor who used tools to perform dentistry. But the camp had no need for their services.

Armour and weapons were forged and a new hunt was soon ready to hunt again - and they had the taste for phoenix.

Ammut Iron led the hunt, with Aido Wedo Gold, Aida Hwedo Mercury, and Aman Gold departed. Ammut discovered a stone face which whispered their name, drawing them into a kiss, from which the others had to drag Ammut. As they moved on, crossing the plains of faces, the Phoenix landed atop a tree nearby, and the hunters moved in to kill it. The battle was a bloody affair, but it ended with Ammut becoming exalted, blessed by the Tyrant and the Storm constellation.

Returning the hunters were named a number of nicknames, some good and some bad.

The camp was close now, as others were feeling it within their blood, the closeness of the stars themselves, a destiny close to being fulfilled and becoming one of the Tyrant's own clan.

With this in mind the strongest of the camp sent forth their weakest to face the Tyrant, one last time. A chance for the weakest to prove themselves. The Tyrant however exerted his full power, teleporting and putting in place his statues with which he could summon down from the heavens his celestial might. Even with careful planning and the smashing of his statues, the fighters had no chance. One by one Angra Gold, Anata Copper, Anata Sesha Mercury, and Aman Gold died. Pulverised and broken by the Tyrant.

With the sacrifice over, the remaining survivors of the camp bowed to their lord, who instructed them on the design of his tomb. There was little time, and much work to be done. The survivors dug out from the ground a harvest of nightmare corn, that prepared them for the coming battle, and also from an encasing, the calcified ding beetle armour. Hopefully, armed with weapons of the heavens and armour of the beasts, the People of the Stars would be able to help others to be come exalted, and together all help their lord Tyrant to his destiny.

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