Tuesday, 23 May 2017

SLA Industries and Cannibal Sector

If there is one game that sums up the visuals of hyper violence from the 90s, it is S.L.A. Industries.

In a dystopian far flung future the where S.L.A. Industries owns most if not all things in the known universe, and controlled by the mysterious "Mr. Slayer". S.L.A. Inc makes its home in Mort City, which is an overstuffed city surrounded by Cannibal Sectors, which a ruins that are home to mutants and rebels.

As Operatives, and employees of S.L.A. Inc, players are tasked with wet work jobs, crushing riots, and generally doing all the nasty jobs that, thanks to the prolific presence of cameras, makes for great TV ratings.

Currently Daruma Productions are producing a miniature game based on the world of S.L.A Industries, and so for those of you who are fans of the rpg, and need some minis to help you with complex battles, perhaps you should check them out. I know I will at UK Games Expo.

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