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Changeling: The Lost - Venice: Broken Mask, Shattered Dreams - Motleys of Venice

The Harlequins of Carnelian

The Hundred Masks is not the only motley devoted to pleasure. There are others, and in the Court of Carnival they are collectively known as ‘Stocking Groups’, after the term used for those groups of men that would compete in the organization of the festivities for Carnival.

The Harlequins of Carnelian is led by the self titled Count Carnelian, the city Columbine, and one of those officially tasked with organising the balls and parties of the Freehold. His motley are equally devoted to the task and takes the role seriously and does not appreciate the interference by those of the House of Spring who have not been appointed to the task by the Doge.

Where the parties of the Hundred Masks are decandent affairs, those of Carnelian are more formal, and follow the etiquette of the Venetian courts of old.

The Keepers of the Imaginarium

The Imaginarium, as they are known are a fellow Stocking gang of the Harlequins. They have a friendly rivalry and follow the laws of Carnival closely. The Imaginarium, led by the Columbina, Silver Heart, are devoted to their art of entertainment, and claim one of the smaller theaters as their territory. However, they are also known for travelling to other Freeholds in the region to spread the word of Carnival.

The majority of their entertainment takes the form of morality plays, designed to let the audience realise their own fears and desires, and embrace their lost humanity.

The Imaginarium takes their work seriously and takes great offence to those that playgerize their work or use their shows as opportunities for other actions that the Imaginarium has no interest in.

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