Wednesday, 14 July 2010

End of an Era / Motleys of Venice

So the news is that the Mage Chronicler's guide is the last for Mage the Awakening, and in fact just the first of the final books for the New World of Darkness line. It's all going out with, not a bang, but a sense of completeness. Most of the final books for each line present a number of 'Endgame' scenarios, but also ways to tweak the setting. So really the end is just a way to finally present everything the game will ever need for it to continue on it's own.

I guess the question is what next? What will White Wolf bring out in order to move itself even further from it's established roots?

In my own gaming related stuff I will start to put up here descriptions for motleys of changelings I am using in my Venice game. Hopefully there will be some cool ideas there for you guys to latch onto.

Mascherari - The Motleys of Venice

The term Mascherari was the name used by the mask making guilds of Venice. In modern times this term is now used by the Lost when referring to the motleys of the city. However this term has also been adopted by the groups of the Bound that haunt the city.

The Silk Road Pirates

The Silk Road Pirates are less pirates but more like explorers. The Hedge is indeed strange and difficult to navigate, but is even more confusing when the Hedge is accessed when upon water. The clear and crisp waters of the Venetian Lagoon give way to the stinking marshes and bogs of the Hedge. A twisting, winding maze of waterways and sodden islands where strange beasts lurk in the shadows amongst the thorny undergrowth. This landscape can be constantly shifting, but some trods exist having been cut through the water to form canals that have walls of cruel vines.

The Silk Road Pirates make it their job to map these watery parts of the Hedge, to discover the lost islands of Venice that have been consumed by Faerie, to uncover treasure that has been lost within the misty networks of canals and shallows.

This task is not easy and requires changelings of great Clarity so that they are capable of perceiving the boundaries between our world and the Hedge, and to spot the signs of Hobgoblins, Gentry and potential Hollows and trods.

Hundred Masks

The Hundred Masks is a group of Spring courtiers. They are devoted to the task of organizing the decadent balls that the Lost attend. The success of the balls is a sign of their own prestige and dominance within the politics of the Freehold. Their parties are extravagant affairs and a chance to upstage all the other Houses and the Court of Carinval. For this reason they are often at odds with the Columbine and Columbina.

In order to hold their parties the Hundred Masks have a hold over club and bar owners (though there are not many clubs in Venice itself) and the owners of some of the palaces in Venice. The Hundred Masks also have contacts with drug dealers, buying mundane drugs and selling their glamour infused, mystic, narcotics.

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