Sunday, 6 February 2011

A note, finding its way into Kindred hands across Manchester

Dear Citizens,

It will of course have come to all our attentions that a virile threat to the resilience and integrity of the movement has recently been averted. An external threat, hoped to sully and pollute what is both necessary and dear to us, to take advantage of our particular circumstances to do us ill.

This threat was profligate. It is true that it was targeted at one of our own, but the threat was not neat, or careful, but sloppy and wanton. It threatened us all, and could have torn through this city and its populations like wildfire.

Of course there should be questions as to how this threat entered our nights. Of course we should attend to the divisions that let something like this pass our borders. Of course if any within the city had intentionally invited this danger amongst us, then there should be swift and direct consequences.

But that is not the purpose here.

This threat was averted because of the contribution of members of the movement - acting in unity, with little need for heavy handed instruction, and with little concern to their own exposure. This is the sort of behaviour that can make this city strong. We extend our hand to the other covenants and offer these efforts as an example.



- R.

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