Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bluebooking: Post-Chaos (Dimitri)

I'm never throwing another party again.

...That may be a slight exaggeration.
I've been holed up at home for the past few days, waiting for some other shit to go down. It hasn't happened. Not yet, anyway...

A few - carefully vetted - herd members are in the living room with Karl, watching a movie. No drugs tonight; I just haven't felt like it. In fact, I haven't felt much like doing anything since the weekend.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. There's people I ran into at the party who have good reason to hate me; Patrick, Annabel. That's all a given. But having Matthew tear me a new one just because he thinks he can? Bastard. I thought we were getting along right now... we were at the party, but the minute something went wrong - well, he's proven he still thinks of me as a kid. Fucking ridiculous. Sire or not, I thought he had more respect for me than that. At least by now.

It's not like I don't realise I'm walking a fine line sometimes, with my 'gatherings' (even though they usually don't go wrong) and admittedly bad decisions. Maybe I shouldn't have drugged Annabel, taken advantage of her like that, but the bitch was asking for it. And still asking for it, it seems. Does she know what happened between us? Does anyone else? Is that why Natalia told her to piss off? If that's the case, Annabel's clearly waiting for her moment. Not that I can't deal with her, but it's another problem I just don't need right now. As for Patrick... he'll get what's coming to him. Am I the only person around here who knows that he's a manipulative cunt?

And the stabbing. I can heal a wound, but I can't heal my motherfucking coat. Versace. Fuck my life.
Speaking of, I'll think twice before offering Lee something nice to wear again. Luckily it came out of Karl's wage, and he hasn't asked me to pay him back yet.

I don't know what to think about the coterie yet. I paid them off, granted they did excellent work, and it isn't like I'm ungrateful. Exactly the opposite. When people get me out of hot water, I tend to like them. I'll probably invite them here next time I have a party. They won't fit in at all, but what can you do?


Player note: I like to make regular or semi-regular bluebooking posts, usually just additional thoughts from Dimi's perspective, as above. Occasionally they will be more like self-contained drabbles or cutscenes, to create an idea of what Dimitri's daily lifestyle is like. I'd be interested to read similar posts from the other characters, if anyone is ever bored and has the motivation.



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