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Changeling: the Lost

Venice: Broken Masks, Shattered Dreams

Episode 5 - Shadow - part 1



                 It had been a few days since the events of the mainland at Marghera. Else was doing well, having been attended to by Stitches and the others of the House of Autumn. The festival of Carnival was looming, and still the rib killer was on the loose. The motely had been charged with dealing with this by the Doge himself. Over the next few days the motely began their research. It was only when delving into the family history of those already dead that Else, Freki, Sonata and Stitches were able to find out that one of the deceased was adopted, and this was the critical clue. The victims were all part of a bloodline. The common ancestor was a Zacani. The same Zacani who forged the paintings. The question was still where the paintings were. One had been stolen from the Casino and the other was not where it was meant to be.

                    As a group the motely went to talk to Tybalt, to figure out who had kidnapped him, Stitches and  Lady Midnight. Clio then went to find Malvolio to find out more about the book, and again he seemed somewhat smug with himself. He then took a call and his face fell and he told Clio that they had to go to the House of Spring straight away.

                    At the House of Spring many of the House had gathered, and there were urgent words exchanged. Then, before them all, the Spring Claviger announced that the Vernal Duke, Aeyther, was dead. There was uproar, and there was still the question of how he had died. It was revealed that he had been found, immolated. There were arguments erupting between factions of the House. Some were aligned with the Court of Carnival and led by Carnelian and Silver Heart. But with the turn of events Malvolio, by an unspoken popular vote, had been declared the new Vernal Duke, and about his head appeared the crown of vines and from his forehead grew the Antlers of the Vernal Duke.            


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