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Changeling: the Lost

Venice: Broken Masks, Shattered Dreams

Episode 4 - Skin - part 4


           In the frosted hotel of the House of Winter, Clio went to look for the Book of Names. The hotel, in the hedge, was a direct reflection of the hotel Danieli in the real world. It was as she was heading down the corridor that she noted that many of the items left about the hotel were in fact small tokens. It dawned upon her that it would be in the spirit of the House of Winter that the tokens would be hidden in plain sight.

          She continued on towards the main foyer of the hotel, crunching along the snow covered carpet. She crept along and soon heard voices. Below in the entrance to the hotel were two other changelings. One was a wirey woman dressed in a lab coat, and the other was a monkey like man. They discussed the missing Lady Midnight, and the other disappearances. They also argued, the monkey man, Hanuman, having an outburst about his missing leader, but accepting that it is not the way of the Ice Law to go saving people. If anything they must hide better and direct the other courts

          The two changelings then left and Clio crept down to the reception of the hotel and looked at the guestbook, and her suspicions were confirmed. It was what she sought and it was hidden in plain sight. She made to leave the hotel and back to the real world. It was as she was heading back along the corridor to the door to the real world that another of the doors opened. The new arrival looked down and noted the melted snow and flowers that had grown in Clio's wake. They shouted at Clio, but he was cowed by her use of the Contract of Vainglory, and simply said sorry and let Clio leave.


           Sonata, Freki and Else hid as the Gentry, Loyalist and other monster approached. They watched them go into the warehouse and then come back out. They were arguing. But the argument ended as the Fae pointed in the direction of the hidden changelings. The monsterous man, his bones spurs extending, chased after Sonata, who fled in amongst the pipes of the refinery. The beast tore into the pipes, releasing toxic and flammable fluids and gas as the Tunnelgrub slinked through the pipes. Freki fled as the bird like Gentry made her loose her eyesight. She used her sense of smell to find her way, hearing the crack of the Gentry's whip behind her. Else pulled her gun on the approaching changeling Loyalist. She fired a number of shots, but merely glanced them, and soon the lithe Wizended was upon Else, and struck with a large thorn from the Hedge. She whirled about Else and rammed the spike through her back, puncturing her kidney and erupted out the other side. Else collapsed, playing dead.

          Sonata, seeing his opportunity, set the area ablaze, and watched as the inhuman figure was caught in the inferno. Sonata made his escape. Stitches saw the flames from a distance but as he got closer could see Else fighting and that she was now on the ground dead. He turned to flee, and all of the motely felt the power of the Motely Pledge wane. The whip lashed out from the Gentry and hit Stitches who tripped and fell. Else, seeing her chance launched herself at the Fae, using the iron dagger they had been each given, and she watched it shriek in horror and flee to the nearest door to the Hedge. The Loyalist, now alone, also fled, leaving Stitches to treat Else's wound. They had all survived, but only just.



         Clio had returned to Malvolio, and he pleased that she had got the book. He opened it and found a name, and also showed her a face, that were to the man who was meant to be Clio's true love. He then asked if he may have the book. However, Clio did not  trust him,  and so  Malvolio asked to see the book again so he may confirm his suspicions. He looked through it's pages and this time revealed a different name and face. Malvolio then left Clio with a smug grin.

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