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[actual play] Vampire the Requiem - The Two Thrones



Vampire the Requiem - Manchester
Season 2 - The Two Thrones
Episode 1 - Ashen Cross

Part 2


Tristan left the club and found Patrick Falken sat waiting on the hood of his car.The sharp suited businessman was smoking and flicking the ash onto the hood of the car. Tristan tersely asked what Patrick wanted. Patrick had learnt of the missing Invictus vampire, and that there were now a number of issues to deal with. In particular he wanted Tristan to investigate the missing vampire. He suggests that they meet the next evening to sort out the details as they need to move fast.

The next evening Galen awoke in the hotel room he used for the night. He had holed up in the bathroom to ensure he was not hit by any sunlight. He checked his emails and made his way back to his haven, checking that he wasn’t followed.

Tristan met at Ship Canal House, where Patrick Falken kept his offices. The offices reflected the art nouveau design of the building, and Partick’s office was painted in dark greens with dark stained wood furnishings. He was sat before his computer and explained to Tristan that there were a number of people investigating the missing vampire. There was of course the lover, who had now drawn in a Lancea Sanctum Bailiff. He also suggested that Natalia Kerkoft’s own personal Hound would more than likely be involved. Patrick suggested to Tristan to find out why the hell any of this happened as the last thing he needed was a murder of an Invictus vampire on Carthian territory.

At Elysium, at the Circle Club, Galen sat waiting at the bar for Tristan to arrive. While at the bar he was approached by an unknown man who simply warned Galen not to speak to anyone. He gave the name of Dillinger.

Later on Tristan arrived, and together with Galen they privately spoke with Matthew Rain. Matthew suggested they speak to Rebecca Castle to find out more about the dead vampire’s lover and the Bailiff. He did mention that while the gossip was about how Fiona had died, the real issue was more to do with why, or why this was more important.

Galen headed off to go and see the Chamberlain in order to get an audience with the Constable, while Tristan headed off to the church where Rebecca held her practice.

Galen got the sense of being followed. Just as he spotted his shadow she was already in his face. She led him down an alleyway and threatened him. She knew what he did and was expecting a deal. He told her he didn’t know what she was talking about. She then said that when Galen was ready to make a deal she would meet him at the gas station. With that she slinked back off into the crowd of the busy night.


Arriving at the museum, Galen was told to wait, but was eventually taken to the Chamberlain. Galen was led through some of the exhibits to an older part of the museum and then downstairs. In an office which resembled a dusty library, the Chamberlain sat with an overspilling ash tray. Odans was rather anachronistic, wearing a suit more Victorian in style. Odans explained that he was happy that Galen had come seeking his advice and that of the Constable, but there are limits to what the Carthians can help with.

Tristan arrived at the gloomy church and headed around the back to the vicar’s chambers. He rapped on the door and was greeted by two ghouls. Rebecca recognised his voice and allowed him in, but briefly as she had a study group arriving. Tristan was welcome to join them.

She explain to Tris
tan on questioning that she does not favour Hoyle due to his romantic involvement with an Invictus, and it has begun to show in his growing thirst for power. She also explains that she did not know that the Bailiff was working on the case, and she finds it odd as it is outside of the Bailiff’s jurisdiction.


Galen had time to kill and needed to be sure of threat and so drove to the gas station he visited the other night. He went into the shop to pay for a chocolate bar and was joined by the girl. In the light it was clear that she lived on the streets, her hair lank and hair coat caked in filth. Together they drove for a bit in the direction of the grounds where Galen disposed of the body, but Galen pulled over, ending any deal the girl thought she could get out of him.

Tristan was at his club. It was busy, as expected for a Friday night. As he stood watching he got the sense of being watched, and someone kept whispering to him. It came from all directions. He then spotted at the fire exit a man with a face covered in red veins. Tristan followed him outside into the alleyway. The vile looking vampire presented himself as Dillinger and that he works for Kerkoft and wants Galen for questioning.

As the club night wrapped up, Tristan went to leave and headed to the carpark when he felt the Beast stir and was confronted by Fiona’s lover, Scott Hoyle. Scott swung for Tristan, not satisfied with the answers he was getting. But Tristan proved the faster and stronger fighter, slamming the vampire against a brick wall, leaving the man dazed, and crying tears of blood, sobbing for his missing lover.








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