Sunday, 10 November 2013

[Battle Report] The Battle of Dragons Fall Plain

25 pt Battle Report - Skorne vs Everblight

Skorne - Hexeris and the Kingdom of Shadows

Lord Tyrant Hexeris
2 Cyclops Savages
Titan Gladiator
Two 6 man units of Praetorian Swordsmen
Aptimus Marketh
6 Paingiver Beast Handlers

Legion of Everblight - Lylyth Blighted Hunting Party

4 Shredders
5 Blighted Ogrun Warspears
Blighted Ogrun Warspear Chieftain

The force of Everblight advanced, with Lylyth and her Carnivean and two of the Shredders lurking in the woods. A building and a stone wall lay ahead of them beyond the woods. The Forsaken advanced, syphoning fury from the Carnivean, the arcane energy building in the creature's Blight Shroud. The Ogrun on the left flak advanced up to the woods and waited.

The Skorne had already benefitted from the forward deployment of the Swordsmen, and now those men were taking up position behind the wall and on the other flank, behind a hill, with the woods beyond them and the Ogrun. Already Hexeris's spells were enchanting the army. Death March ensured the right flank Swordsmen had some advantage against the Ogrun, while the Gladiator was already linked by Soul Slave to Hexeris. And of course Hexeris was empowering himself with Psychic Vampire, hoping to wear Lylyth down. Gladiator ran forward, near to the wall, riled and enraged. The Cyclops advance forward, one ready to counter charge anything that attacked the Swordsmen near the wall, while the other positioned itself to block charges at the Titan. The Paingivers advanced, ready to enhance the beasts. Hexeris final moved forward, and using the Titan as his eyes and ears invoked his spell of Obliteration at the Carnivean. The blast hit, deal cursory wound to it and a Shredder.

While first blood was to the Skorne, the first kills were to the Everblight. The Ogrun charged, and those that could see engaged the Swordsmen, throwing the spears and killing four of the men. But this was no loss to the Skorne, as their souls were snatched away by Aptimus, the black stone head now glowing with hellish power. The Carnivean charged, engaging the Swordsmen at the wall, immolating a number with a gout of fire from it's snapping jaw. The Shredders also charged but did little as they fought against the Swordsmen, the wall hindering them. The two other Shredders moved to defend the Carnivean that now faced off against the Titan. The Forsaken advanced and was now fully empowered.

Thanks to the souls of the dead Hexeris's spells were easily empowered and sustained. The Swordsmen faced down the imposing Orgun Cheiftain, slicing away with their blades. The other remaining swordsmen faced off against the Shredders and dealt what little damage they could. The Paingivers whipped the warbeasts into a frenzy, and the first Cyclops charged and cut down the Shredder that blocked the Titan from the Carnivean. The Titan bellowed, seeing it's chance and charged the Carnivean. Tusks and fists pummelled the Carnivean, leaving it barely standing, oozing ichor. The last Cyclops saw its open opening, and charged the other Shredder that blocked it from the Carnivean, but thanks the the long cleaving blade it was able to strike out and cut down the Carnivean and the Shredder. Hexeris devoured their fury, rendering their power wasted for Lylyth. With the battle line now clear, but with the beasts in danger of the Forsaken, Hexeris channelled his power through the Titan, and cut down the Forsaken in a blast of Soulfire. A subsequent blast of energy from the Titan was Hexeris casting the Obliteration spell at the Ogrun Chieftain, slaying the monster.

Lylyth was now out in the open and in danger. She invoked her feat, empowering her hunting party.. She needed to hurt the enemy as much as possible, and so sent a volley of arrows and magical blasts at the Titan. The Warspears acted, and charged the Skorne warbeasts, and hail of spears cut them all down. But of course this only served to empower Hexeris. The dead beasts and Swordsmen served only to empower Hexeris and Aptimus. Aptimus advanced to her and channelled the Soulfire of his master at the enemy warlock. Hexeris also saw his chance, and advanced up the hill, and seeing Lylyth undefended rained down his Soulfire on her, and reduced her to a smoking heap of flesh.

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