Friday, 22 November 2013

[Battle Report] The Purification of the Cursed Woods - 25pts Menoth vs Circle Orboros

Protectorate :

5 Cinerators
4 Choir of Menoth
Exemplar Errant Seneschal

Circle Orboros:

Feral Warpwolf
Winter Argus
Feral Geist
3 Warpborn Skinwalkers
3 Gatormen

The Battle Field:

On the Protectorate left flank were woods, a large swamp that lay in the Circle side of the battle field, and smaller swamp pools around it. On the right side of the battle field was a ruined entrance to a temple, and some patches of broken masonry which acted as cover and rough terrain.

The Protectorate had the Seneschal on the left flank, looking to make use of the woods and swamps as cover and to out flank and harass Kaya. The Crusader stood ready to use the swamps to channel the enemy towards him, with the Repenter acting as a lure. The Cinerators were aligned to the right of the Repenter, forming a solid line, with Kreoss and the Choir behind the Cinerators. Finally the Vanquisher held down the right flank, looking to use the rough terrain to slow the enemy so it can lay down enough fire power.

The Circle from the Protectorate left consisted of the Warpwolf and Argus, the Skin Walkers with Kaya behind them, the Winter Argus and then the Gatorman Posse.

The Battle:

The Protectorate marched forward, looking to close the range in order to soften up the enemy. The Repenter surged ahead looking to lure the enemy forward. The Seneschal ran up the flank, also looking for an opening. The Choir sung their hymn of Passage. Kreoss called upon Lamentations to lock down the enemy magic and cast an aura of protection on the Cinerators.

The Circle moved forward, the Gatormen using the rubble for cover, and also aided by the swirling mists. The rest of the battle group moved forward, seeking to ensure Kaya was protected. Kaya gave the Skinwalkers the gift of stealth.

The Seneschal moved forward and fired at the Argus with his crossbow, taking first blood. The Cinerators also moved onwards ready to take the charge of the far more mobile enemy, and the Choir blessed the warjacks with Battle Hymn. The Vanquisher moved on and fired at the Winter Argus. The shot was true thanks to focus it had been given. It used the second focus it carried to cause horrific damage to the beast, killing it out right. The flames from the explosion hit one of the Gatormen, the Skinwalkers and Kaya, setting them all ablaze. Kaya redirected the damage from herself onto the Warpwolf. Being on fire was a serious problem for her. The Repenter also tried to ignite more of the Circle forces, but failed to hit the Argus with the gout of flame. The Winter Argus then stood once more, its corpse now animated by the Feral Geist.

The flames were now a serious problem as they immolated the Gatorman, and dealt even more damage to Kaya, who again passed it on to her Warpwolf. The Skinwalker however shrugged off the flames. Kaya empowered the Warpwolf and Argus with the Argus animus, enabling them to move unhindered. The Argus paralysed the Seneschal with its Doppler Bark, and the Warpwolf used this to its advantage, charging through the swamp and savaging the soldier in its massive jaws. The Skinwalkers charged the Repenter, their halberds cleaving through armour and metal limbs, crippling the machine, save for its cortex and flail. The Gatormen also charged and attacked the Vanquisher, just doing enough damage to cripple the massive flail of the steamjack.

Kreoss saw his chance, moving forward and calling on the power of Menoth, forcing all but Kaya to their knees. He sent a stream of fire at the Warpwolf, before the Crusader engaged it, pummelling the beast into the ground. The Cinerators and Vanquisher eliminated the Gatormen and animated Winter Argus, the Geist materializing before the holy warriors. The Choir moved to support Kreoss as the Skinwalkers were a threat.
Kaya had only a few chances to defeat Kreoss, and with out another warbeast her feat was not able to gain her the required fury needed to real off enough attacks. Kreoss had seriously neutralized her magical prowess. Never the less the Argus moved forward and tried to paralyse Kreoss. It failed, and so Kaya, unable to channel enough fury to cast the spell and enhance it, and hoped to hit. She hit and wounded Kreoss. The only hope left was for a Skinwalker that was able to reach Kreoss. Charging was not an option due to the Choir, and so it advanced to strike Kreoss. It hit, but failed to harm Kreoss enough. With that the might of the Menoth army turned on Kaya, with the Cinerators cutting her down.

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