Monday, 19 May 2014

Back into Action!

A bit quite here as the team has been busy. DD #56 is in editing. #57 is pretty much planned out. And look out for another competition to win books and stuff.

Meanwhile in meatspace, I'm ready to run the rest of my Iron Kingdoms campaign now that I have almost finished all my Witchfire conversions. Also on the RPG front, I'm on NDA as I have finished my first writing assignment for Fading Suns, and I am now ready to write the next thing for another book.

Wargaming wise, this weekend saw me use my new Eslo Terrain gaming boards. They are cheap, well made, light weight, and look great. Nice to have a full sized battle table.

Also on the minis side of things I still have Gator men to finish painting, and Menoth, but my main task has been painting my friend's Batman miniatures. They look good, and capture the feel of the Arkham computer games. Knight models should make some good generic modern urban figures, as they would be great for fights in games like World of Darkness.

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