Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to Make Planets part 1

So as part of my growing immersion into the Fading Suns setting, I have some fleets for Noble Armada on their way. These are ships from when Mongoose Publishing held the license for the IP for space battles. And FASA is of course now holders of that license, and of course I am writing for Fading Suns. Can you see why I am doing this.

So first up you are going to want to have some form of globe or half moons. I got polystyrene globes from the craft store, ranging from 2 inches across, to about 8 inches across. So that means I have a moon, a Earth like planet, and a gas giant. Now you could just use old cds, card, foam board etc for flat planet representations, or mould a planet using papier mache and some sort of bowl perhaps.

The other things you will need are something to be a spatula, skewers to hold your planets, and a textured paint. I'm using what is called a structure paint, or a silica gel. I use this for the bases on my wargaming figures. The bonus is it is what paint as a base. Which will make for a great base coat.

Once the texture is all over you need to give the planets some more definition. The moons has been given a stippled effect. The Earth like planet has been smoothed, as if plastering a wall. And the gas giant has been textured using a brush to given the hint of layers of clouds.

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