Monday, 7 July 2014

On the Table

I know, I know, Chris stop showing us your minis, I hear.

Well in between doing SCIENCE (TM), reading new OPP books, and writing for Fading Suns (I am really eager to tell you about what I have written!), painting minis and wargaming is a way to do something hobby wise that doesn't rely on writing or reading.

On that note, first up, horror related, is the Kingdom Death mini I finished painting.

This was a test run of using some new paints by Scale 75. The flesh paint set has quite a range to give good pale tones, all the way to more olive, Middle Eastern, and Black skin tones. Now to wait for the boxed game of boutique horror!

Also I got in another game of Warmachine, this time using my untested Khador force, which had a hint of undead to it - Alexia Ciannor and her Risen!

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