Sunday, 5 October 2014

Battle Report - Hybrid: The Dark Jewel

It was in the crags of the canyons of Bran-O-Kor, the Ambrosius had led his Templars to find a new laboratory of the Heretic, Dirz. The mission was the recovery of the Gem of Darkness, one of many which were able to empower the laboratories and allow for the fusion of flesh steel, for vile alchemy.

With the first sign of the intruders, the clones and defenders of the laboratory prepared themselves and a very special treat for them. Ysis, clad in her fully encasing armour sneered. "Release the tiger".

The beast sprinted in to the halls of the laboratory, and in the gloom sat waiting to greet the Templars of the lodge of hod.

The Templar, led by their Seneschal, made a their prayers to Hod, and prepared a defensive line. Ambrosius called upon his holy powers, blessing his warriors firearms.

The tiger was not alone, as the Hybrid clones prepared an ambush in case the Templars broke through. Wielding a scissor like blade, the Dawn Warrior prepared to meet the Templars head own, eager to decapitate the fools. Ysis, keeping to the shadows, sprinted forward. She had her own objective.

The tiger roared and lunged out of the darkness at the Squire, Phidias, with rending claws and gnashing teeth. The brave warrior ducked and weaved, and fought back, making an opening for a fellow Purifier to take aim and fire.

As the Templars faced this vicious beast, Ysis sprinted through the central chamber, seeking to out-flank the Templars. The Dawn Warrior kept pace, seeking to defend his commander.

Phidias side-stepped and ducked through a door, letting the Purifier behind him make a killing shot against the tiger. But seeing the door head, he knew that that figure that he had briefly seen sprinting towards them was perhaps ready to burst through and attack. He took up a position and aimed his pistol at the door.

The Seneschal and Purifiers took up positions, hoping to prepare for a chance to break through and reach the Gem of Darkness, but a lucky shot by a Hybrid clone left a crossbow bolt in the shoulder of the Seneschal. He was severely injured, and now had to rely on his men.

Ysis opened the door and sprinted in, cartwheeling past Phidias. The squire fired, but hit nothing but rusted steel behind her. He just heard her footsteps disappear into the gloom.

Following his master, the Dawn Warrior charged in, swinging his grisly blade about, causing Phidias and he fellow Purifier to defend themselves. The sound of clashing steel echoed in the laboratory.

Ambrosius knew he needed to take action. But if he left his Knights, his holy aura would not be able to guide them. But he had to take the risk, for that strange warrior had sped past them, with no interest in the Templars. She was after something else.

Ambrosius opened the huge airlock doors, and before him he saw the pale warrior. She was stood before the large airlock doors at the end of the corridor. The old man whispered a prayer and took aim with his rifle. But she was took quick, and he missed. He quickly made to reload, but as he did he watched her slip into the next chamber. He heard a clank, and the hum. Something had changed. The air in the laboratories was moving again.

Phidias kicked the Dawn Warrior away, choking. The air was poisoned, but only they were affected. "Out! We must get out!" His eyes widened as he saw the skin of a fellow Templar begin to blister. The old man provided covering fire, and the Templars fled. They had failed.

Alone at the control panel, Ysis took a deep breath and smiled behind her face mask.

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