Tuesday, 28 October 2014

On the Table

This installment is a lot of unfinished stuff. Just to give you an idea of how crowded the table is right now.

A quick photo of two Rackham Griffin Inquisitors, and an Exorcist in the middle.

Not bad for 4 hours work.(dry times in between excluded - I work on batches of minis).

Those Prodos minis are painted and shaded. Can you spot all the brands in this one shot?

Rackham Lions of Alahan "The Red Lioness"

Griffin Fusiliers

Griffin Executioners and Fusiliers

Those Inquisitors and Exorcist 4 days ago.

Griffin Thalions.

Griffin Templars. Not sure if to paint them in Lodge of Hod colours or go for Inquisition colours.

The Prodos figures after they were put together.

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