Tuesday, 4 November 2014

On the Table

This week I come with heart ache. I had a varnish disaster. So what you see here is before that happened..... bugger!

Inquisitors and in the middle an Exorcist. See that guy in the middle, he is being stripped and repainted.

Griffin Executioners aka Red Monks. I was lucky with these guys. Not much work to be done. They're not perfect but table top good. Some day when the painting table is empty I will attack them and redo them.

Griffin Thalions. Both are being stripped.

Griffin Templars. These were fine... phew!

Also being stripped are two of my elves. Ugh. So five model to repaint, and 4 in progress (Red Lioness and 3 Fusiliers) and soon 6 Conscripts, 4 Keratis Warriors, Cypher Lukan, Kyrus the Sombre, and Sin Assyris to put together and paint. 

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