Sunday, 2 November 2014

Battle Report - Hybrid: Prowlers!

SO - Nemesis Laboratory

According to the information contained in Dirz's diaries, the SO Nemesis laboratory was among the prototype laboratories that were abandoned along with the Hybrid Project. The buildings are completely outdated, but built in a particularly robust alloy. The Dawnn Ritual that reactivated the Heresiarch's laboratories also brought the So Nemesis back to life, to the extent that even the Syhars discovered its existence.

A small army of Syhar scouts was sent to investigate ahead of a much larger force. They arrived at the same time as a squad of Griffins....

Garrell, "The Redeemer", as he was known to those among the Lodge of Hod, led his cadre of Purifiers, accompanied by a Knight of the Lodge. Swords, gun-blades, and rifle were ready to face all manner of horrors that may lurk in the darkness of the laboratory. Garrell led the warriors, hoping his keen eye would dispatch any creature before it posed a threat to his men.

Elsewhere in the laboratory, Sasia Samaris, "The Desert Rose", and Ysis, "The Viper", kept an uneasy alliance for this mission, tasked with recovering the Gem of Darkness which powered the alchemical apparatus. Behind her concealing mask, Ysis sneered. She detested this Sasia, this traitor. 
But there was the mission in hand. Sasia led the Hybrid clones that they had activated in the laboratory, with Ysis tasked with recovering the Gem.

Garrell took up a sniper position, and opened the airlock door. And explosion went off in the chamber ahead of them, and as the air and flames cleared their enemy stood before them. A Purifier marched forward, taking aim and firing, injuring the clone. Another Hybrid entered the chamber, firing its crossbow. The other Purifiers took up position, but none of their shots found their mark.

Sprinting forward, Sasia took up position, ready to take on the Griffin warriors. Seeing this renowned warrior, here, in the abandoned facility, Garrell raised his rifle and fired, injuring Sasia as the bullet tore into her shoulder. But this was all a distraction as Ysis sprinted off, out flanking the Griffin warriors. Taking up the rear, the Neuromancer stood surveying the fight.

Sasia, enraged, charged at the Purifier, her blade cutting deep into the man's side. The Knight, seeing his compatriot in danger, engaged Sasia in mortal combat. Blades rang out as the two warriors fought, with Sasia cut down in a flurry of blows. But she had the last laugh, as her blood released a virulent disease. The Purifier, Garrell and the Knight, splattered by her blood from the fight, began to heave.
The Hybrids, and in fact all the Dirz warriors, felt energised. Sasia's death and release of the plague had also triggered a chemical reaction within themselves, increasing their strength, with the injured Hybrid increasing in stature. The thing growled and lunged at the Knight, with its cruel sword cutting into the blessed armour.

With his men now fighting for their lives, Garrell took up position and took aim with his rifle. He could not risk his warriors being ambushed. From out of the gloom emerged a pair of Pests of Flesh. These small creatures, known for being able to detonate as a ball of fire, sped forward. Garrell, exhaled. Methodically he fired, reloaded, and fired again, killing both of the creatures.
Ysis made it to the energy chamber, and uncovered the Gem of Darkness. The globe of condensed manna glistened and glowed. It was time to leave.

The alchemically enhanced Hybrids continued their battle, pushed on by the Neuromancer who directed their actions. But as the fight continued, and wounds were inflicted, Ysis was sprinting through the corridors, looking to escape with her prize. As she emerged from the darkness, almost at the exit of the laboratory, Garrell and the Knight too the initiative. They could not risk her escaping with the gem. But, no matter what they did, neither gun nor sword could hit her. Distracted, Garrell and the Knight were in no position to defend themselves, and the brutal Hybrids cut them down. The two remained Purifiers had their work cut out. The first skidded into position, and took aim and fired, threading his shot past the Hybrid and hitting Ysis in the gut. The second Purifier saw his chance, and sped forward, and in a killing blow cracked her mask in two.

Before the Purifier was the Gem of Darkness, risking everything he moved to pick it up while making a series of feints to distract the one Hybrid. But that would not be enough. He turned to see the other Hybrid bring his cruel scimitar down. But it missed, finding nothing but concrete. The other remaining Purifier ran forward, hoping to help his brother in arms flee. The Hybrid once more raised his blade, its eyes glowing. But again, the Purifier sidestepped the swinging sword, and with that ran out the laboratory.

(Notes about this game: Sasia is pretty incredible given her Duellist 3 aptitude. Which basically means on a roll of 1,2 or 3 to hit - she generally will hit on a 8 or less on a d10 - she will cause 2 rather than 1 wound. Coupled with her ability in combat to choose Skilled Combat - get to roll to hit again on a successful hit - she can kill enemies very quickly. However, she is rather fragile. And so needs more support from other warriors.

In this game, Skilled and Expert Movement actions played a crucial part in preventing enemies fighting to their full potential or just getting away. Expert Movement in particular is good as it also reduces the skill roll of enemies. In a scenarios like this one, such an action is incredibly useful. Also Garrell is quite an excellent model choice, given his choice of weapons, and ability to pull off a number of useful shooting actions).

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