Friday, 22 January 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - Lantern Year 11 - The Hand

Aiakos led Aeneas, Amphityrone, and Aella off to hunt a White Lion, a large on, as they needed more bones and organs for weapons. The hunt itself was rather uneventful, and while the lion put up a tough fight, it was still no match for the skilled hunters, as they sliced the monster apart, taking its tail for the spoils.

The mists that came in as the hunter returned were an ill omen. They used ammonia to help themselves cope with the toxic mists, but as the cloying clouds cleared, a strange regal figure stood outside of the camp. The Hand had arrived. He stood, aloof, atop a large stone face, and beckoned the camp to fight him.

The fight was a unnatural affair, as the Hand moved as an ephemeral being, appearing behind one of the warriors and striking. The feeling of the Hand moving through them terrified them to their bones, and soon enough their numbers dwindled until only Aiakos was the last standing, using his shield to weather the storm of blows the Hand directed at him. Thanks to the foresight of one of his dead compatriots, Aiakos knew that he could not attack, because of the threat of the Hand using a clever poly in return. But at finally, as Aiakos cowered behind his shield, the Hand stood over him, motioned for him to stand, and clapped. The fight was over. The Hand was satisfied. Aiakos was thrown a leather package containing various items and a skull - little did he know that one of those still at camp had been murdered by the Hand.

Aiakos, alone, returned with the gift, the weapons of the fallen, and directed the rest of the camp to the bodies which they tore apart. A new set of leather armour was fashioned, and a celebration was held, with the camp swelling in numbers as many new children were born.

But the Hand would return, and there were only a few years to prepare. Aiakos gathered many of the new survivors and headed out to hunt the Antelope. 

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