Thursday, 28 January 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - Lantern Year 13 - Crimson Fury

Aiakos and Alcestis, elder of the settlement, led Agarve and Emelus on another hunt for a large lion, hoping to have a chance to train the saviour before the return of the Hand. As they followed the beast they discovered scattered broken lanterns. Aiakos and Agarve wept for the dead, while Alcestis are contemplated existence.
Carrying on into the darkness they found claw marks, and then a splatter of glowing blood. Alcestis tasted it, and was overcome with a vision of the beast they hunted.
On the plane of faces Alcestis came upon a stone face that looked like her own, just older and wiser, and as she looked at it a booming voice was heard. All were driven mad by the chilling words spoken.
Travelling further, tracking the lion, Emelus found a stone heart on the ground that pulsed, before the then discovered a lion sculpture. Here the hunter prayed before coming upon the lion. They were approached by refugees who were fleeing the lion. The hnters walked on, and finding the lion they began their ambush, which was perfect thanks to Alcestis' vision.

The lion was feeding on the remains of a monster, allowing the hunter to sneak up on it. Alcestis found a phoenix finger in the remains, as the others attacked. Aiakos displaying his strength and skill, and rending the lion's flesh apart.

Working as a team the hunters played the lion, drawing its attacks to allow other a chance to strike. Aiakos and Emelus together tore are the lion with sword and axe. Emelus hacked off the mane of the great cat, as Aiakos sliced at muscles and tendons.

Yep, Aiakos was typically causing 5 wounds an action!

The butchery over, the lion slain, they returned triumphant, certain the saviour would be able to face the Hand this coming year. Upon returning to the camp the gather children of Aiakos, his pair of twins, tried to prove their worth before their father and saviour brother. They engaged in a triathlon of speed, might and mind. One was unfortunate as his arm was torn off in the fighting portion of the trials. But over all the children were stronger and more prepared for the Hand, for that is who, with Emelus, they were sent to face.

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