Friday, 17 June 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - Lantern Year 21 - 25 - Lights Out

Knowing that a great evil was growing beneath the lantern horde, the saviours, Odysseus and Emelus, along with Aeson and Agron, set out to hunt for a lion. Everything now was required in order to prepare the camp for disaster.

Together the hunting party survived jagged landscapes, found a sculpture from which they retrieved a founding stone, and meeting a lost survivor and suffering maddening nightmares.

With the lion easily slain the survivors returned and set to work. Inspired by the lights in the sky Aeson, the eldest of the tribe consulted the records they had gathered over time, and in doing so discovered a way to fight on (yeah Aeson reset to zero xp - time to continue that training with the Twilight Sword).

Setting out once more with Anthas and Agron, Odysseus and Aeson survived a host of dangers as they tracked down an antelope. The ground opened up and almost swallowed them all. They tracked the migrating antelopes, and came upon the place where their ancestor, Aiakos discovered the courage sword. As they went on and suffered the nightmares of the darkness, they discovered a fresh kill, and worse, as Anthas in the night has his genitals removed and his groin left completely smooth. The antelope was an easy kill, with all the hunters tearing the beast to pieces.

The festival was cut short as the Butcher returned, more powerful than ever. Agarve led a number of sacrificial lambs out to face the monster, but the Butcher was near imprevious. Seeing a chance to save the others, one of the young survivors led the Butcher off into the darkness, never to return, and along with them many valuable armour pieces and weapons.

With the Butcher gone, and Aeson needing to further improve his fighting prowess with the Twilight Sword before the arrival of the Twilight Knight, Aeson, Anthas, Agron and Agarve headed out into the darkness one last time, this time seeking the gargantuan dragons that Agron had witnessed. They crossed lava flows, and witness shimmering light, and discovered smoldering ruins. A thespian troupe offered a ride in their wagon, but were turned down, and they found a bubbling cauldron from which they took a drink.

The dragon was huge, and sat amongst pools of lava. The fight was earth shaking, as the beast released nuclear energies that evaporated man and stone alike. Anthas and Agron was both soon killed. Their attacks on the dragon were met with titanic strikes that sent them soaring into the sky before landing with skull shattering consequences. But the dragon did die, and it provided the pieces needed to make a new set of armour.

Returning to the camp, with new armour and weapons made, the saviours and Aeson and Alcidice, lead the camp into the depths of the lantern horde and to the cavern of the Watcher. The being stirred and the survivors attacked. Odysseus acted as a distraction, using his aura of armour withstand the supernatural onslaught of the creature. Alcidice and Emelus used their founding stones to strike hits against the beast. Draped in the dragon husk cloak that Agron left behind, Aeson was able to maintain his link to the twilight sword, and slashed at the Watcher, and tore it to shreds. And with one last strike the Watcher collapsed as a crumpled pile of rags. And with that all the lanterns went out.

The End

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