Saturday, 25 June 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - The People of the Stars - Lantern Years 0-1

So a whole new campaign begins, and this time I am delving deep into a lot of new Kingdom Death content.

The People of the Stars campaign will see the survivors lorded over by the Tyrant, who is the last of his kind. As time goes on my survivors will hopefully please him, erect a tomb in his honour, and finally kill him as his takes his dragon king form.

Into the mix I have also the chance to face the Dung Beetle Knight, the Dragon King as a regular quarry (nothing like hunting the last of the Tyrant's own kind), and Slenderman as a new nemesis to replace the King's Man.

So lots of new stuff to face, and new challenges.

On with the show.

Waking up on the plain of stone faces, Aaepef, Aapep, Abzu and Abrasax fought a white lion, and as a team with little effort were able to slay the beast.

Oh joy, 3 traps in the first fight......

They left the carcass, having stripped it of bone and flesh to use for new weapons, and walked off into the darkness. The soon came upon a strange twisting pillar of rock, and at the top was a throne, and from it walked down a huge figure. He was regal looking and has long claws. He welcomed the new survivors to join those others already encamped around his throne. Aaepep stared at the throne, overwhelmed, though clearly had learnt some new mystery.

As the Tyrant tended to his flock, eventually Abzu was able to mimic his own tongue, and spoke her first words of the Dragon Tongue. She instructed the others, and then together a set of rawhide armour, and axe and darts were fashioned. The Tyrant directed them to go hunt again.

Out in the darkness Abzu spotted an antelope on the hilltop. It was huge, with white eyes, and tumorous. The Gregalope turned and ran, with Abzu unable to keep pace.

She returned to the others of her hunting party, and after some more wandering came upon a small White Lion cub. Abrasax took his axe and slew it, but the die yelp of the creature brought forth the angry mother.

The fight with the lion was brutal, as it ripped Agro-mangus' arm clean off, causing him to die in shock. The lion was wild with rage, despite the injuries inflicted, and clawed Ahi's head clean off. It was Abzu and Abrasax who slew the beast, but returning to the camp, Abrasax was haunted by the deaths of his fellow hunters and screamed into the night.

With the first of their kind dead, and Abzu having given birth to the first born of the tribe, the survivors learnt to prise their children and to honour the dead. With the bounty from the beast and its cub, the camp was able fashion a host of new armour and weapons. In the dark they heard a new beast below gibbering screams. The antelope had made itself known.

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