Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Changeling: the Lost - Character Backgrounds

Oh yeah that time has come.

So we now have stats for your characters. So the next step is to answer a few things.

We have the Prelude to deal with. Just write about a paragraph to answer each of these.

Everyday Life


The Taking


The Escape


Then try and answer these.

• How old are you?

When were you born? How long were you in Faerie? Do

you look older or younger than your years? Is your fetch the

same age and appearance as you?

• What do you look like?

What color is your hair? How do you dress? Do you have

distinguishing marks? What does your seeming look like?

• What was your existence in Faerie like?

Who was your Keeper? Was he or she capricious, or cruel

or sympathetic? Were you a favorite servant, or despised? Does

your seeming reflect your Keeper’s nature, or were you shaped

to some other purpose?

• What are your motivations?

Do you want to regain your mortal life? How do you react

to changeling society? Are you looking to create a new life as

a changeling? Do you wish to be “cured?” Is there a rival you

want to defeat? A lover you want to woo?


What we have right now character wise are;

Sam - Katarina - Spring Court - Beast - Swimmerskin - Mermaid Courtier taken during the 16th century. She is skilled in singing and seduction.

Steve - Autumn Court - Darkling - Tunnelgrub - 1930s New York Jazz musician. Taken for his music and that skill has been stolen. He can still play but that spark is gone. He is a will-o-wisp type changeling. Great at stealth and music.

Heather - Autumn Court - Beast - Hunter Heart - Wolf type hunter/scout. Taken as a young girl somewhere in Italy and became her master's lap dog. Skilled in hunting, and speaking to canines.

Emily - Autumn Court - Wizened - Smith - Victorian street urchin became tinkerer with machines during her time in Arcadia.

Chris - Autumn Court - Wizened - Churigeon - Taken as child to be experimented on and now a surgeon who wants to know how the Fae work and the soul.


So yeah, I suggest just posting to this posterous with these as seperate articles for your characters. Please go wild, but don't feel like you have to. Vignettes about the characters are welcome.


Those of you without posting access... please tell me, give me your email and I will add you in as a contributor. 

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