Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Getting New Players


"If we have it, they will come" - Daisy - Spoofing 'Field of Dreams' - Gatherings - Spaced Series 1

So recently I have been busy working away on my Changeling setting. More importantly writing up NPCs for the game which is due to start soon. I have the first two episodes drafted and the rest of the chronicle outline is ready. But more importantly I have new players.

Some of you who have been reading my own personal blog, or this one, will be aware that my wife is one of my gaming group. She has now had 2 tours of duty in gaming. The first being a few games of Unhallowed Metorpolis. The other being my long chronicle of Vampire: the Requiem. Let's just say she has got into gaming with little issue, enjoying the roleplay aspect over the dice rolling.

Of course getting some new players is tricky. You want to find people that mesh with your gaming style, the types of games you run, and of course as a group will all get along. I have succeeded and failed at recruiting players to a varying degree. This time round I went hunting once more. First to the local wargaming group meetup in town, and then to the pub to meet some mutual friends of a previous player from my group.

The result. 4 new players. Two are fairly young and a couple. One is an avid wargamer of the GW line of games. His girlfriend is also a wargamer. She however has only ever had the experience of playing DnD, while her man has been dying to find a World of Darkness gaming group.

The other two players are also a couple, and work in the computer games industry as artists. Needless to say they have their own history of wargaming and computer games. However neither has roleplayed table top wise.

So a good mix. I have one player who knows the system to the games and others who are just looking for a fun time.

To break the ice we played through the Terrifying Tale of James Magnus, from World of Darkness: Ghost Stories. I had some pre-generated characters for everyone to play. What was a great surprise was how in character they played, and the extra details they added to their characters as the game went on. Characters got spooked, knifed, shot and killed as the ghosts haunted the house. I was utterly impressed by the level of in character gaming I was getting from all the players, especially from those newest to the hobby.

All  in all then a good batch of players who have now provided quite the mix of twisted changeling characters.


So some advice with getting new players?

Don't be shy. Be confident. Players tend to flock to storytellers who are confident in their own skills.

Gut Feeling. We may all be gamers but we don't all have to be friends. If you don't think someone will suit your gaming group then don't be afraid of saying no. Just because we are gamers doesn't mean we are friends by default. Your gut feeling is always a good indicator.

Boot Camp. Boot camp the players. Just as you must prove to them you can run the game, they have to prove that they a) can game b) fit your group c) not be social trolls and weird out the other players.

Noobs are Uncut Diamonds.  Yes really. You can find some of the best players in the world in those who haven't played/played that game system.

Social Networks are your friend. Use them to find players, organise players, make the gaming exciting (a written form of trailer to the game perhaps with images attached to inspire). All these things grab the attention of the players. 


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