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Changeling: The Lost - Venice: Broken Mask, Shattered Dreams - Motleys of Venice part 2

The Lords of Love

The Lords of Love are possibly without doubt the most decadent of the entire House of Spring. They expect to be properly respect by those of other Seemings and Houses, and they are simply wish to indulge their senses and desires. The entire motley is made of changelings from the Fairest Seeming.

The Lords of Love present themselves as being the most influencial in the desires and emotions of the mortals of Venice, and they go from party to party as if they are celebrities. They even have and entourage of mortals who hope that being in their presence will allow some of their magic to rub off on them. They dress in fine clothes, eat at expensive restaurants and associate with the celebrities and entrepreneurs who come to make money in the city.

The Lords of Love are not that well loved in the Freehold. They are seen as prejudiced, aloof and patronising. They see those of other Seemings as nothing but pathetic creatures and ugly.

Led by the charismatic Madam Rose Blood, the motley operates from rooms rented in a hotel on the Lido, where they may wine and dine guests. They are also known to have at least one large yacht where they host parties.

Because of their prominence within the Freehold, and within mortal society, they have a number of mortal retainers. They are also well known for keeping contacts with the Vampires of Mestre, and the so called Prince of the Veneto.


The Emerald Horn

The Emerald Horn is the name of the motley that the Vernal Duke is a member of, and is in fact the leader of.

The Emerald Horn, like the other stocking gangs, are committed to pushing the aims of the House of Spring. They represent the entire season in the Court of Carnival, and try to ensure that the rulings of the Doge do not impact upon those members of the House of Spring.

The Emeral Horn is made of of the closest allies of the Vernal Duke, and they act as his council, protection and officers with regard to the action and laws of the House of Spring.

In order to maintain their position, the Emerald Horn do not rule with an iron fist and are instead involved in a sort of ongoing PR action where they try to appease all members of the House of Spring.

The primary concern of the House of Spring is the harvesting and nurturing of the emotion of desire and using this to safe guard the House against the other seasons and the Gentry. It is only through forgetting the past and rediscovering the pleasure of the life they were denied that the Lost can be free, and this freedom is the goal of the Vernal Duke and his Emerald Horn.

In order to perform their task the Emerald Horn cares for the Ca’ da Mosto, the home of the House of Spring, and it is also here that the House of Spring and the Emerald Horn hold a number of parties for the rich and famous, harvesting glamour from the revellers. The House provides its courtiers with the tools to pursue their desire.


The Triumphal Quadriga

The Triumphal Quadriga are a motley of four Changelings, named after the four horses on the roof of St Mark’s Basilica, these four form one of the newest motleys of Venice. Led by the Crimson Knight, Etiene Epee, the Triumphal Quadriga are foot soldiers of the House of Summer.

Etiene trains his men at the House of Summer, the Arsenale. In the belly of the unrestored sections Etiene works his men tirelessly, practising swordsmanship each day, and keeping watch over the city and those that attempt to harm the Lost of the city. When called upon by the Admiral to fight the motely is often the first to fight, seeking whatever honour they can in order to find a promotion within the House of Summer.


The Watchmen

The Watchmen take it upon themselves to shine when it is darkest, keeping watch over Venice even while it sleeps. They are skilled not just in hunting the creatures of the Fae but also the other creatures that stalk the night, be they vampires, ghosts, strange spirits and shambling bodies.

The Watchmen, a long lasting motley that has had a high turnover of members due to death, injury or burn out. They are currently led by Cinder Bella, an Elemental of Smoke, and a renowned warrior and a Captain of the Crimson Knights. Where Etiene and his motley struggle to follow orders to the letter, Cinder expects creativity, and more than just physical prowess. Her motley is not just comprised of Summer courtiers, and claims a number of Winter courtiers as members since she values their skills in stealth, and also a member of the House of Autumn who she turns to when more specialist knowledge of the occult is required.

The Watchmen claim a small church tower as their home from which they are able to better survey the city. From here they have a number of doors into the Hedge that lead to places about the city so that they can more quickly move in times of urgency.


The Swords of the Lion

The Swords of the Lion are a collection of hunters. Composed of changelings of the Beast Seeming, they are furious warriors, and dislike many of the other motleys, especially those rivals within the House of Summer, and those from the House of Winter.

Led by Tomas Tusk, the Swords engage in any battle they can find, even going as far as to test their might against those things in the Hedge, vampires and even Werewolves on the mainland.

Tomas Tusk trains his men in a private location on one of the outlying islands where they can better maintain their arsenal of weapons. His troupe contains many appointed Mud grunts, with Tomas being another Captain of the Crimson Knights. A number of his motley are wanted criminals and have not been taken in as evidence against them is slim and ever decreasing due to the actions of the Freeho
ld against the mortal police force.

The Armoury

The Armoury consists of a group of changelings that can be considered weapon masters. They are led by the Wizened Smith, Blackhand. He is a diligent worker, capable swordsman, and trained in the forging of swords and other blades. He acts as another of the Captains of the Crimson Knights and is also in charge of ensuring the House of Summer is properly equipped. His motley consists of some of the best equipped Crimson Knights and Mud Grunts.

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