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[actual play] Changeling: the Lost


Changeling: the Lost

Venice: Broken Masks, Shattered Dreams

Prologue - part 2

     As the night drew to a close the motley left the Teatro and headed home. However, as Sonanta looked up he spotted something on the rooftops. There, on the roof of the Church of San Salvador sat a dark being, its cape flapping in the wind and its eyes red and glowing. Sonata acted quickly, calling out to the others are then drawing upon the Wyrd. His Contract of Darkness, allowed him to easily scuttle up the face of the church. Soon he was dashing across the snow covered roof, his quarry however was already onto the next rooftop. Freki was also trying to follow, digging her claws into the marble face of the church. The others simply kept watch or followed on foot.

     As Sonata neared the edge of the roof top he flung himself across the gap to the next roof. He barely was able to keep his footing, his contract allowing him to scrabble up the side and up onto the roof, all the while his quarry widened the gap between them and had already crawled over the next building before disappearing. Sonata looked for the highest rooftop nearby and clambered up and sat there looking for the red eyed being, as snow and wind whipped about him.

     The next day was the Winter Market, the 3rd of the season so far. Clio had finished her shift at the Florian,  and Stitches closed up the pharmacy where he works. So the motley met at Else's boat repair shop on the northern edge of Cannaregio. Here they discussed the previous night's events and that they may find out something at the Winter Market. Getting into Else's boat, they departed for the docks near the Doge's Palace, and Else made use of her token, a small broken chess piece. To their Fae eyes the piece was a crystal king piece, and it glowed as the boat ploughed through the waters of the lagoon, making good time, and just before the engine of the boat over heated. Steam was pouring off the engine and Else cursed the machine. The motley stood on the docks watching Else, and then when she was done they head off towards the Palace prisons and the Winter Market.





      The motley approach a door, Freki knocked on the peeling green wood, three times, and proceeded to turn, widdershins, 13 times. As she did she became dizzy and lost count. So stitches did the same. Upon finishing he then sighed, then turned clockwise once then opened the door. (ST Note: The players actually acted this out in my living room. Amusing to see one player get dizzy and loose count) The motley saw that they had opened the door to the Hedge, and that before them 2 grim looking Darklings stood. They were the security for the market, members of the House of Winter's Wight Guard. They were allowed in and they proceeded down the dank, dark tunnel.

      In the Hedge the thorn squeezed through the stone walls, and barred windows hung in the air, suspended by the vines. Looking through the motley could see that these windows showed the real world. Continuing along the vines opened up and they found that they stood above a deep chamber, and below they could hear the music and smell the food and drink of the Winter Market. They continued down the stair case and into the market. There were a number of stalls, all with a variety of wares on offer. The tents kept off the dripping water from above, and steam rose from bubbling pots of grim looking food. Oink growls and chatter of Hedge beasts.

      At the bar, run by the Green Caps, the motley ordered some food and drink. Captain Saor, a grim looking sailor, served up plates of what looked like scrambled egg, but red, with a strange nettle like leaf sprinkled over and a black ooze dressing. Payment was taken in a clump of their own hair, which Saor used to make his own brew. Sonanta picked up a Cocorange in exchange for a poem, Freki got a couple of mapples (meat apples) and Else got some Coupnettle, but had to pay with  bloody toenail.

     The next stop was Triton's stall. Triton was of the Cleaner's motley of the House of Winter. He had quite the collection of random trinkets and tokens, with Clio picking up a ribbon of never miss, Freki getting a random pebble with no idea what it could do, and Else getting a needle capable of stitching steel together with the catch that it would give you pins and needles for a week. But she would only get it if she fixed a old TV that only showed repeats of the last 10 minutes of events that happened near it. The TV needed new batteries for it to work better, as it currently had a goblin called Cedric powering it by crank.

     Next up was the cattle market, where they could of bought Cloud Pigs, Canal Rats and a musical, if aloof, cat in a bowler hat.

     Finally they went by the bordello, run by the Lords of Love motley, lead by the beautiful Madam Rose Blood. None were interested in any sex or narcotics, save for Sonata who tricked them into giving him some time in their smoking room. 


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