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Totra Kadlinsdottir - aka Freki

Everyday Life


The Taking

Constantly being a child under-foot, Totra was ordered to keep out of the way by family whilst preparing for Midsummers Eve. After escaping to the local woods, she befriended a fae who promised to play with her forever, if only she went to their 'home'. Home was Arcadia, and the lifetime of play was to be experienced through the eyes of a dog.


The Escape

Before the Escape, Totra never really thought of escape - thinking her family hated her, after twisting her own memory to think her parents dumped her with the fae - she thougt she had no-where to go. As she was taken so young, Totra had forgotten about the world of her birth and had melded the world of the Fae with the few memories she had left. It was only after she was sent on a mission to a place outside of her master's created kingdom, that she learnt of the rest of the Fae world. More and more she was sent on messenger missions to other Fae for her master, and through this she began to learn about the hedge and what lay beyond it. Typical of those who hear of stories of exotic lands, she craved to see it, until one day - after a particularly violent beating - she made her escape while on her next mission out of the twisted copy of Asgard, searching for a means to the hedge. On her journey, she came across bands of changelings making their way to the hedge, which eventually grew into river of people leading to a hedgemarket, where she made the final leg of her escape into venice - a world so different to her any she'd known before.

For now, she occupies and abandoned warehouse squat along with Sonata. With both being homeless, and after the creation of their motley, she leant Sonata the use of her warehouse den and scant belongings - A filthy sofa rescued from a skip and many washingline-aquired blankets, along with a rudimentary gas stove and water bucket. Technology scares her still.

??? How old are you?

Chronologically: 1125 - Physically: early 20s

When were you born? 

885 AD British Isles during Anglo-Saxon habitation

How long were you in Faerie? 

Seemingly about 15 years. She aged while she was in Fae to match the time she experienced there.

Is your fetch the same age and appearance as you?

After 1100 years, the fetch is long-gone

??? What do you look like?

What color is your hair? 

Sandy coloured, choppy and scruffy, mottled in places.

How do you dress? 

Unfashionable, but practical clothing. Some seems homemade and roughly patched - gives the appearance of a gypsy. 

Do you have distinguishing marks? 

Faint Facial tattooing resembling a stylised wolf skin pattern in small dots and thin lines around eyes and bridge of nose. Pierced ears, stretched with found objects - ranging from centuries old glass, smoothed by the waters of venice, to abandoned keyrings and other tat. 

What does your seeming look like?

Sharp teeth and a slightly protruding face, clawed hands and feet (not as far as paws though...), Pointy tufty ears that look half-way between Human and wolf, short tufty hair that grows down the side of the face, neck and upper arms slightly with a little bit around the elbows. Light-colored eyes. Medium height and a scrawny, almost emaciated look (think Machinist) with sallow skin - at a quick glance, looks a bit like a skag-addict. Is constantly afflicted with fleas.

??? What was your existence in Faerie like?

Who was your Keeper?

A fae masquerading as Odin. He had an incredibly un-healthy obsession with norse mythology and demanded to be seen as Odin, who he saw as leader of the gods. To complete his look, he took young children of nordic descent and manipulated them into Odin's entorage - some being twisted into avatars of the other gods, and a select few, like Totra, into Odin's wolves 'Freki' and 'Geri' - and his ravens 'Hunin' and 'Munin'. He took a horse and stretched it's very being into Sleipnir, a literal version of the 8-legged horse, and made his kingdom as a hideous representation of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life.


Was he or she capricious, or cruel or sympathetic? 

Like a demonic master to a pet who has the misfortune of being used as a minion and experiment.

Were you a favorite servant, or despised? 

Favoured servant - sent out on errands and severely punished if not done correctly or quick enough. 

Does your seeming reflect your Keeper???s nature, or were you shaped to some other purpose?

Shaped to represent Freki, the true Odin's messenger wolf - but a bastardised form.

??? What are your motivations?

Do you want to regain your mortal life? 

It's too late for that. Although the shock of seeing the world today, and not being able to adjust to the new way, she gets by the best she can, pretty secretly. She's looking for revenge against the fae, and spends most of her waking time tracking down potential allies and dealing with potential threats.

How do you react to changeling society? 

She'll stick around as they're the only family she has, but she doesn't care much for the politics. She doesn't get on with most Changelings as they continue to treat her like an unwanted dog, which is still better than in Fae. Fortunately, her motley aren't afraid or disgusted by her looks - or at least hide it if they are.

Do you wish to be ???cured???? 

Never really thought about it. After being one way for so long, it's hard to turn your back on that. To 'cure' would take away the only powers left to her to live.

Is there a rival you want to defeat? 

Ultimately, 'Odin', but he's steriotypically overly powerful(?? rubbish...) For now she's trying to avoid direct confrontation with him, trying to avoid the 'Geri', 'Hugin' and 'Munin' avatars, paranoid they're out to find her.

A lover you want to woo?

not particularly - who'd want to woo a mangey wolf? There's a limit...

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