Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My Gaming Area



So what about where I game?


      Above is a picture of my lovely wife sat at home. This is really half of the room. Behind me (from the viewpoint of the picture) is the kitchen area, and so is just lots of white cupboards.

      As you can see from the picture we have around about a 10X12 feet sqrd room. There is a balcony and our that sofa from IKEA (just fits two people). So with the tv there is really only space for people to sit as the room would feel quite cluttered. Recently we moved an office chair in as we'd like to get another proper chair to sit in front of the radiator. The walls themselves have various images and artefacts of Venice so lending to the style of the room. The bookcase is home to many graphic novels, art books, and on top sits a model of the Black Pearl along with some War Machine miniatures. 

     So for gaming the majority of the players are cushioned on the floor. the ST screen is set up on the floor to hide dice rolls and for me to look at for reference, while I sit in the office chair, looming over the other players. So things are focused (on me), with the players in an arc about me. Without a table things are more relaxed as the players lie about, rolling dice and sipping their drinks (coffee, tea, beer, wine). We normally have a ipod dock set up with about 3 hours of music in a play list chosen for the game (soundtracks are great things for the game) and candles are lit as we often play in the evening, so we usually put on the dimmest of lights in room while others are turned off. Being sat about in such a free form space also allows for a degree of improvised acting if needed and also makes conversations much more relaxed and intimate, rather than rigid if we had a table present. It would be good if all players had a proper seat, but the logistics are a nightmare with such a small flat.

     My ideal gaming space would be the same, but without the kitchen interfering. I like having a room that can vary in the amount of light it can have, not be too distracting, have space for players to relax, and allows for mood music. Comfort is the friend of good roleplay. I'd prefer darker walls, but such is the way of living in rented flats. 


    What's your gaming space like?

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