Thursday, 12 September 2013

[Actual Play] Iron Kingdoms - Adamantine Will

Episode 2: Witchfire - The Longest Night - Part 7

Darcey drew her pistol and blew the brains out of the the creature. The women screamed in terror and fled as fast as they could. Darcey holstered her pistol and ran back to the cathedral.

Eckert directed the newly acquire warjack to watch the main bridge. It was a Nomad class church consecrated war machine, now named Solovin, and hefted a massive hammer. The snow lightly landed on the machine and evaporated away due to the heat from the furnace of the behemoth. Darcey ran over the bridge and nodded to Eckert before taking up a position on one of the tombs. Father Dumas spoke, saying their main aim was to protect the tomb of Lexaria, Alexia's mother. With the end of his staff he scrapped the moss away from a plaque to reveal that the centre tomb of those out side the cathedral was hers.

There was a sloshing of water, and Darcey turned to watch as a Swamp Shambler, a zombie, pulled itself out of the canal. The putrid creature lumbered towards her, as another pulled itself up, and belly flopped out of the nearby well. Aiming her rifle, Darcey fired, and sent the dead thing spinning back down into the well. There was a scrapping sound of metal, as another of the zombies emerged from the sewers, and Eckert commanded his warjack to kill it, while he called upon Morrow and send a holy bolt of energy at the other remaining zombie. Both creatures were obliterated. So far so good. But from across the bridge they could hear marching, and they saw the horde of undead storming over to them.

Solovin held the line at the bridge, smashing the undead thralls,  sending them flying left and right. Darcey reloaded her rifle and fire, and repeated this, her spent shells melting the snow where they landed. More thralls were now approaching from the smaller bridge, but Hurst finally arrived. He pulled out a grenade and lobbed it, incinerating two thralls as Eckert battled them.

More thralls were approaching form the bridge, and across the smaller one the knight, Gregore, came storming to the aid of the others. He crashed over the bridge, knocking the thralls into the water. As more of the undead stormed over the main bridge, Hurst advanced, firing bursts from his spray gun and tank. The liquid spread forth and ignited, burning numerous skeletons, and lighting up the cathedral grounds. But still more came.

Darcey looked up as she fired another shot, and spied something approaching over the bridge. Smoke belched from it, and it stomped forward. It was a laborjack, but different. From the furnace grates, rather than a fiery orange, a hellish green bale fire shone. The thralls ahead of it spread for it, and it barrel charged into Solovin, sending the warjack tumbling backwards. Eckert turned to face the metal monster, and struck it with a blast of holy light. The 'jack stagger, and Eckert watched as a strange mechanical like ghost emerged and escaped - a machine wraith.

More of the undead were invading the island, forcing them back. Some arrived on boats, others via the bridge, and more simple had walked from one side of the canal and through the water. Amongst their number Alexia strode forward, now clad in black armour. She pointed at Eckert, green runes appearing about her, and a beam of emerald energy darted at the priest, tearing at his soul.

Things were quickly spiralling out of control, and the party of witch hunters fell back as the hundreds of thralls surrounded them.

Alexia spoke above the roar of battle.

'If you want to leave here alive - just give me my mother's body'.

And here are some shots from the game in progress

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