Sunday, 29 September 2013

Chris' Recent Painting

So some of you may be thinking 'Da' fuck is with all the minis?' Well, we all need a break from running one game while we think up and get ready to run something again for it. I'm like that for WoD. I need time playing something else to work out what I will be running for WoD next. I need time to plan. Of course that means I am still reading WoD books, just not actively running games.

So for now let's see the fruits of my labour. First up, the Circle Orboros I painted for one of my gaming group.

Next up the Skorne Praetorian Swordsmen.

Now some finished armies, first the Skorne, Hexeris themed army.

And finally my Cygnar army, which is Caine and Alexia and her Risen, plus Reinholt, an army I call Caine's Deadman's Hand.

So stick around as more blogging on WoD is coming, plus my thoughts on planning to run Geist (yes you read that right).

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